Upgrade Plan 370 Ecosystem

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GHN to clean: instructions

  • (CNR) DONE statistical-manager-pre.d4science.org

SmartGears upgrade to v 1.2.2

  • (CNR) DONE node56.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu
  • (NKUA) DONE node13.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu
  • (CNR) DONE dl28.di.uoa.gr

gCore Services

  • (CNR) DONE statistical-manager-pre.d4science.org: update StatisticalManager service (replace libs)

Smartgears Services

  • (CNR) DONE node56.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu:8000 : upgrade TabularDataManager service
  • (NKUA) DONE node13.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu:8080 : upgrade index-service
  • (CNR) DONE dl28.di.uoa.gr:9000: deploy new smart executor and smart generic worker plugin
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