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This page is dedicated to document the activities of the Ecosystem Approach Community of Practice (EA-CoP).

It is organised in the following three areas:

  • The iMarine Board area which introduces the board, the rules governing its functioning, the working plan and the meetings;
  • The Overall Workplan section which provides an overview of the iMarine Board identified activities throughout the project life span
  • The Implementation results area which describes the outputs of iMarine Board's activities, namely (i) the results of mediation activities, the Governance mechanisms and policies governing the envisaged infrastructure, the harmonization of systems resulting from the requirements characterising the expected infrastructure, and the validation of delivered products.

The iMarine Board

The iMarine Board is a key mechanism for guaranteeing constant interactions with the EA-CoP initiatives involved in the project. This board is described through a number of pages:

  • the EA-CoP Board page describes the functioning of this Board;
  • the iMarine Board Rules and Procedures page describes the regulations and principles supporting the operation of this board;
  • the work plan page describes the work plans of the scheduled governing board activities;
  • the meetings page documents the iMarine Board and Advisory Council meetings, and other events organised to support the board's activity including their reports, recommendations and conclusions;


The Outcome of Board’s activities are to be found at the wider level of the EA Community of Practice, and reflect where Board’s outputs have an impact on the wider EA Community of Practice.

The Outcome of the Board, and indeed the entire project, activities is documented at the page dedicated to the iMarine Business Cases

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