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The goal of the data access and sharing policies is to implement the Governance Model for secure and confidential access to resources and services, in a context where data sharing opportunities is exacerbated.

The development of data policies here focuses on meeting demands that exists in the EA-CoP and build on the services provided by Infrastructure Policies.

The latest version is available in the iMarine WS

Why Data Access and Sharing Policies?

As governing instruments, data access and sharing Policies are meant to set principles and boundaries which shall govern the in-and-out flow of data by the EA-CoP, data security and confidentiality aspects, collaborative work through data sharing, and publishing.

The policies aim to guarantee the integrity of all data populating iMarine and to facilitate the access and the utilization of data in cost effective ways.

Structure of the Policies

During the second iMarine Board Meeting (October 2012) it was agreed to start articulating the policies with the following structure:

  • iMarine Terms of Use
  • iMarine Privacy Policy
  • iMarine Community Best Practices
    • Guidelines

For practical uptake by stakeholders, Policies have to be translated into/extended with guidelines which aim to constitute the hands-on manual to allow users to best exploit the iMarine web infrastructure. See the Ecosystem Approach Community of Practice: iMarine Guidelines and Best Practices page.

Exploitation agreements complementing the policies (e.g. Memorandum of Understanding - MoU, Service Level Agreement - SLA) could be compiled among iMarine and selected users or data providers.

Documents development

This wiki provides background information for the development and discussion on iMarine EA-CoP Data Access and Sharing Policies.

  • Consult the Discussion page for a summary of the more relevant feedback collected during meetings, mail exchanges or live discussions.
  • Consult the Metadata standards page for accessing all relevant information and discussions on Business Metadata.
  • Consult the Use cases page for accessing some relevant examples in which a data access and sharing policy is needed.


  • The draft prepared for review by legal office in FAO, and for discussion at the 4th iMarine Board Meeting (iMB4), 17-18 October 2013, Rome. It is available in the iMarine WS
  • The live document, for the time being compiled as a GoogleDoc, contains the latest improvements and can be accessed upon request.
  • A third draft was released on 20 March 2013, for presentation at the third iMarine Board meeting (iMB3) on 26 March 2013. It available on the BSCW.
  • A second draft of the Data Access and Sharing Policy document was presented at the second iMarine Board meeting (iMB2) in Rome, 4 October 2012. It is available on the BSCW.
  • A first draft of the Data Access and Sharing Policy document was presented at the first iMarine Board meeting (iMB1) in Rome, 19 March 2012. It is available on the BSCW.
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