8th TCom Meeting: 5th February 2014 Discussions and Notes

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8th TCom Meeting: Agenda

8th TCom Meeting: Participants

Join Live: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpindr60ei5nkvqfu4ndmq2k?hl=en

WP10 - Data Mining and Visualization

Presenter: Gianpaolo Coro (CNR) - Slides

  • Status of the Statistical Manager platform
  • Algorithms currently supported
  • Distributed R support
  • Missing bits

WP6/WP11 - Portal and common tools

Presenter: Massimiliano Assante (CNR) - Slides

  • Portal gCore free
  • Status of the components
  • Features that will be released

Rather than wait for gCube 3.1, a specific gCube release can be dedicated to the new maven-portal-BOM

The "news feed" portlet should be enriched with a facility to publish any post on social networks, e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook


Presenter: Erik Van Ingen (FAO/CNR)

  • Status and Plan


Presenter: Erik Van Ingen (FAO) - Slides

If the VME-DB is successful, FAO is planning to exploit the same approach so serve similar scenarios (see Aureliano slides).

Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems database (VME-DB)

Presenter: Aureliano Gentile (FAO) - Slides

The plan is to go in production in July, however in March there is an event Japan.

The latest release (currently in dev), will be available in production in March.

Aureliano is going to further test the facility.

VME-DB and iMarine Reports

Presenter: Massimiliano Assante (CNR) - Slides

Presenter: Fabio Fiorellato (FAO) - Slides

Suggestion: it should be better to replace the UML Diagram of the DB with an ER Diagram, this should enhance the readability and highlight the main classes of information managed ... in the UML classes are repeated.

The report in the workspace and its materialised version in the DB should be "aligned":

  • a proper strategy should be identified, e.g.
    • on commit update both the DB and the report in the Workspace (the problem is that changes in references data might lead to changes to the "report");
    • on commit drop the report from the workspace;

VME GIS Input Flow

Presenter: Emmanuel Blondel (FAO) - Slides


Presenter: F. Simeoni (FAO) - Slides

  • Status and Plan

A code list discovery facility should be in place, e.g.

  • during the publication phase a user is requested to select the code list he/she is willing to publish; a browse mode seems impractical;

COTRIX plans to develop workflows management facilities. Please, do have a look at the Documents Workflow Management facility to verify on the eventual reusability and feedback.

WP6/WP3 - SmartFish

Presenters: FAO / CNR

  • Presentation of the current Chimaera portal, from SWIOFC recommendation to harmonize existing Information Systems in the region to an innovative technical solution to access seamlessly SWIO information and data from an unique entry point, including services provided by the iMarine infrastructure such as hosting facilities, indewing and annotation services and search web services - Y. Laurent (FAO) ~ 10 min + 5min discussion
  • SmartFish as a provider of tools being integrated in the iMarine infrastructure: JavaScripts (search/map) integration / portlet - E.Blondel (FAO) / M. Assante (CNR) ~ 10min + 10min discussion
  • SmartFish web services and use of xSearch: improving SmartFish sustainability by integrating xSearch facilities? - Y.Laurent, C. Baldassarre (FAO) / discussions with NKUA + FORTH ~ 10min presentation + 15min discussion

Smartfish-iMarine project

Presenter: Yann Laurent (FAO) - Slides

Web Components-Portlet Integration

Presenter: Emmanuel Blondel (FAO) - Slides

On components reusability, it seems they are independent however there are steps to be done to make them more flexible.

Chimera Workflow

Presenter: Claudio Baldassarre (FAO) - Slides

There are at least two major areas of collaboration:

  • xLink exploitation;
  • the TLO exploitation;

It is a matter of priorities:

  • for Claudio, the priority is to have machinery for concepts identification, entity mining and relations extraction;
  • for Yann, there is room for other collabotations (e.g. Claudia is interested in concepts modeling);
    • Yann is interested in understanding how to contribute to the FLOD initiative;

The content behind Smatfish is open source.

Yann/Claudio will send an email to FORTH to verify on the feasibility of the proposed actions.

WP6/WP3 - Accessing WPS processes

Presenter: T2 / CNR Exploiting WPS process in VREs, e.g. ICIS-VRE / Tabular data manager / WF manager


  • Emmanuel opened a ticket #2604 to agree on best practices for describing WPS processes outputs.
  • CNR agreed that recognizing input/output WPS formats is required to expose WPS client in VREs, and asked T2 to follow-up on this requirement
  • Emmanuel highlighted the need to go beyond the case of SPREAD algorithm. The capacity of of accessing WPS process catalogue and execute process within VREs should be demonstrated, even starting with a "Hello world" example. SPREAD is yet a complex example of WPS where several sources of data are involved.
  • Yann Laurent highlighted a use case in discussion with AgroCampus university, requiring in similar way processing of multiple scattered datasources, and the potential benefit of WPS in this context. Emmanuel clarified the downstream processings / indicators are yet implemented & being implemented, and then should be considered as Legacy applications.

The overall picture is the following:

  • Statistical Service is expected to be used also as a mediator for accessing WPS processes;
  • There is a discussion on porting the WPS stuffs in the production infrastructure;


Presenter: (FAO/CNR)

  • Status and Plan
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