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Meeting 29 May 2014, 10:00 am

Google Hangout

Present: Fabio, GP, Caselyn, Nicolas. Edward warned he might not attend the teleconf.




      • Finish the paper! ***
  • Nicolas reports the completion of sections 5 and 6 + revision of section 1 (EvB's last additions): integrated in Google Docs just before the teleconf. Remain a few EvB's remarks to comment in sections 2 and 3.
  • Edward reported by email that he still has one diagram to make.
  • Wednesday 4 June 12:00 CET time is the deadline for the last inputs in Google docs.
  • Wednesday afternoon, transformation in LaTeX by GP.
  • If subsections or paragraphs or graphs are missing, they will be excluded from this version, or completed a minima by GP depending on the topic.
  • LaTeX version circulated for last comments and editions but no revolutions anymore. [We may think of a version 2 later, added by NB]

BiOnym Interface

  • Casey uploaded a version 2 of the portlet during the past week (Casey to indicate the link in tickets more prominently, GP missed it ;-).
  • Tickets were posted as planned after the last meeting.
  • Casey uploaded a version 3 ([[1]]) just before the teleconf that integrates all the remarks by Lino, Anton, Fabio, and GP.
  • Casey will post a ticket summarising the progresses in v3.
  • Some testing were done during the teleconf.
  • For the time being, keep FishBase as the default TAF. The best would be the entire CoL. Nicolas will attend a CoL Global Team meeting the week after and check how to access it.
  • Issues on character encoding in the reult (diacritic characters in author names) were raised by Fabio: this could not be repeated in other participants' computers under various browsers, so it seems it is a local issue. However, it would be interesting to know what happens to give indications to other users to avoid that situation. Fabio will follow up and send information to Casey.
  • Conclusion: we are close to the first production version that can be externally advertised.

Next meeting

Thursday 05 June 2014, 10 am.

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