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Meeting Wednesday 27 August 2014

Present: GP, Nicolas, Casey, Edward, Anton.




  • BiOnym local faster (20 sec to 9 sec). Caching
  • Work with Fabio on CoL DwC to be transformed in TAF.
  • 3 interfaces: simple, mid-advanced with set up, statistical with upload of species names.


  • Incorporated in search name of FishBase.
  • Jerome Guitton to be contacted. Nicolas will contact him next week after he is back
  • Nicolas explained that BiOnym is used after no exact match is found.
  • FB Match name: make the unique and full use of BiOnym for name list.


  • Nicolas to analyze the results, send a summary to the group and discuss next telconf.
  • Possibly invite Dora but after the next telconf.


  • GP will attend "Fourth Workshop on the Development of Quantitative Assessment Methodologies based on Life-history traits, exploitation characteristics and other relevant parameters for the ICES Data-limited Stocks".



  • Review the last meeting reports and do what was said.
  • Change the introduction to fit the scope of the journal and focus on it.

R in Pisa

  • Try to resume work between CNR, LifeWatch Italy, LifeWatch Greece, Edward. Try to understand the political difficulty.
  • In HCMR, contacts are Anastasis Oulas + Nikos Pattakos.

Next meeting

Thursday 4th September 2014, 11 am European time.

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