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Meeting Notes: call on SmartFish (web conferencing)

Date: 25-07-2013 10:00 – 11:15


  • SmartFish

Participants Y.Laurent, C.Baldassarre, A.Ellenbroek, P.Pagano, E.Blondel, G. Kakaletris.


  1. SmartFish overview
    1. Documentation in the infrastructure
    2. Yann explains document 2013_SmartFish_iMarine from WS folder.
    3. Information is stored in usually ‘closed’ environment, and cannot be easily accessed programmatically. The current focus is more on improving indexing and annotation of available WIOFISH and StatBase datasets.
    4. The expected action is to identify concepts in available documentation and annotate the document with e.g. target and bycatch species.
    5. Claudio explains how FLOD support to pdf and xls files. Both types are scanned, and annotations are extracted. PDF as simple text, excel as more structured objects. After the first scan, an annotation model is constructed. With SOLR we create an index over the text. The results are RDF annotations and a Lucene index. The combination feeds the portal.
    6. Emmanuel; main component is to enrich the domain knowledge base with geospatial references. This can result in geographic annotations on the domain information. The second part then can benefit from these geospatial annotations through a client that with a minimum set of info can retrieve relevant geospatial information.
  1. Requested actions
  2. From iMarine:
    1. Host the current web portal (php/postgreSQL)
    2. More sustainable WS, we currently rely on 1 person and a separate computer.
      1. Add more precise entities to KB and recognize in these in text
      2. Add a weight to the annotation by location in source
    3. Improve search accuracy.
    4. Make resources re-usable in other contexts.
    5. Dynamic fact-sheets across domains; combining stats with management plan.
    6. A dynamic map interface to start a search.
  3. From iMarine
    1. Hosting can be organized; asks for specifics
    2. We can offer indexing, but not yet the annotation actions.
    3. Web services or web applications? In case of the applications, will these be real web services. Who will provide the conversion and organize implementation?
    4. Outline actors.

Follow-up actions

  • Y.Laurent sends to P. Pagano server requirement for portal hosting
  • Next call on point 2 on Wednesday 31 July 10 AM
  • P.Pagano to study provision of hosting and development resources. Study re-use of existing resources for transformation.
  • G.Kakaletris wants to study the annotation service.
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