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==BiOnym paper==
==BiOnym paper==
* Review
==User Interface==
==User Interface==

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Meeting 24 April 2014, 10:00 am

Google Hangout

Present: Fabio, Nicolas, Casey, Edward, Anton, Gianpaolo



BiOnym paper

  • Review

User Interface

  • Casey succeeded to make it work on her own computer.
  • However, she encountered difficulties to compile it in one of the FB/SLB mirror server in UBC, Vancouver, Canada ([[1]]). So we can see the interface and select the options, but we cannot submit.
  • It seems that there was a confusion about this installation on .ca: FIN used that server for testing, but the interface was never thought to be installed outside the D4Science/iMarine infrastructure. Since the beginning, the goal was to develop a portlet that would be incorporated in the Biodiversity Research VRE, to complement the two data exploration tools on species and point data, and to serve the alert workflow between TAFs and various aggregators.
  • Casey developed the application as a tool for the infrastructure, with the technologies recommended by CNR, not as an application for FIN servers. Indeed, the first developments were made on FishBase website but it was merely for [prototyping, and develop the GSAy approach.At the beginning, the collaboration with Fabio using his environment was not planned.
  • After discussion posterior to the meeting, having the interface outside would allow it to be accessible without registration in the BR VRE.
  • However, Leo stressed the point that having a dedicated BiOnym VRE would make the activity and product more visible, and would not prevent to use the same portlet in the BR VRE. It could be made available without registration then? (I suppose in that case, people will have to save the result on their own computer).
  • GP proposed the plan for implementation.
    • 3 phases for the application implementation>
    • Phase 1
      • Create a virtual server in CNR (?) where the application could be deployed as it is.
      • Start with one word entry, then uploading a csv file.
    • Phase 2
      • Embed the interface of that server in the infrastructure.
      • But as far as possible FIN would like to skip that one. Only if there is urgency for presentations or else.
    • Phase 3
      • Develop the interface as a portlet.
      • Create the BiOnym VRE (can be done asap).
      • Put the portlet in production in BiOnym and BR VREs.

Next meetings

Thursday 17 April 2014, 11:00 am European time for discussion on the paper.

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