22.04.2013 WP11 Teleconference

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Time: Monday April 22, 2013, 11:30 - 12:00 Europe/Rome

  • Discuss about the remaining effort and enumerate partners' plans for remaining effort.
  • Declare effort / results deviations if foreseen


CNR: Andrea Manzi

CERN: Lino Pagano E-IIS:

NKUA: Alex Antoniadis, George Kakaletris

FAO: Fabio Simeoni

FORTH: Giannis Marketakis

TERRADUE: Fabrice Brito

E-IIS: Ciro Formisano (in parallel on Skype with G. Kakaletris as connection to the WebConf was not feasible)


Current Effort

' DoW M17 Planned Total
CNR 3,00 1,552,253,80
NKUA 5,00 6,702,309,00
CERN 5,00 2,902,105,00
E-IIS 5,00 3,761,245,00
FORTH 6,00 2,24??
Terradue 2,00 0,661,332,00
FAO 5,00 4,70 0,305,00

Main Discussions and Actions

George Kakaletris said that only NKUA and FORTH have significant deviations w.r.t. the planned effort.

In particular

  • FORTH is not consuming the effort as foreseen.
  • Personmonths for NKUA have changed from what was initially planned, yet they do not seem enough to handle activities in WP11.

The current status of the partners regarding the effort is: (the summary is given by the WP Leader)

  • NKUA: NKUA is overspending in WP11. The excess "spending" in personmonths will be covered by PMs being made available by the reduction of cost. The expected total effort by the end of the project will be around 9PMs
  • CERN: Status is OK. Previous mis-computation of effort was driven from the fact that there was no report for P1 (CERN reported directly on the forms).
  • CNR: Status is OK. It is planned to increase effort without increase of budget.
  • ENG: Status is OK, yet as much effort is declared in security concrete results are expected to be delivered soon.
  • Terradue : Status is OK, but the work on OGC standard(s) that has been reported had no follow since the last TCOM, so some more activity is expected to take place.
  • FAO: Status is OK. The effort has been consumed and the expected results have been achieved.
  • FORTH: the effort consumed is less than expected. Some planning has to take place to handle the misalignment.


  • Fabio Simeoni observed that the little FAO's remaining effort in WP will be spent for support and release management
  • George Kakaletris suggested the effort to be consumed by FORTH in either developing client libraries of their components or implementing standards/interfaces that might be helpful. Also suggested that, if needed, the remaining effort be moved to another WP as WP11 will have significant additional effort by NKUA and CNR.
  • George Kakaletris observed that NKUA effort on ASL is significant and there is no other WP to report it in, and this leads to significant effort being reported in WP11, while for other activities (NKUA and other partners) there is some flexibility.
  • Fabio Simeoni proposed that a mechanism to intercept portal calls at the application server level is needed to be developed in order to solve problems with scope that are presented at the portal. Andrea Manzi suggested that CERN could examine this issue.


  • NKUA will continue with the work on ASL (tree-manager integration etc) and Client Libraries.
  • CNR will continue work on Client Libraries.
  • CERN will continue with work on resource manager and will examine if OCCI can be exploited by the project.
  • FORTH: planning to release new libraries in P3 of the project (M21 to 28) that will consume the remaining effort. More info to be provided. Work in API/CL and possibly WS API will be a result of activities on ticket 1187
  • Terradue: will work on the promotion / adoption of OGC standards in iMarine.
  • E-IIS: Are working with CERN in the integration of the container with SOA3, and (for WP11) are progressing on the integration of common-security with the first client (container manager), and if no problems arise, the next (and last) activity will be providing support for the integration of all the clients
  • Lino Pagano and George Kakaletris, commented on the applicability of OCCI in the project.


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