2014.06 WP10: Data Consumption Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP10 Activity Report described the activities performed in June 2014 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of June '14 Monthly Activity Report.

T10.1 Data Retrieval Facilities

NKUA Activities

  • Federated Search:
    • The development of the Restful SRU consumer, the SRU RDBMS adapter and the SRU gCube Search System adapter, using the resource-aware libraries, have been completed (#1776). SRU RDBMS adapter might need some more investigation in order to retrieve the data in a more object-orient oriented way
    • gCube Data Transformation Service will be used in order to consume a SRU source and provide the results as a list of mappings(#2941). A new DataSource and corresponding xslts were created.
  • Index:
    • In the context results visualization Index has been extended to support clustering capabilities of the retrieved results (#2823). A widget for visualizing the outcome of the clustering is been examined.
  • DTS datasource adaptors
    • database adaptor (#2487):
      • moved it from ASL subsystem to DTS
      • management of its resources is now done through its http interface
      • a client library is now able to discover the endpoints and create a link for DTS services to access the underlying data (#2977)
  • ResourceRegistry
    • Due to performance and deployment problems the underlying database of Resource Registry has changed from Derby to inmemory H2 (#2866).
  • Bug fixing:
    • Investigation of the following bug regarding Resource Registry performance that affected the SearchSystem operation (#857). In order to overcome these problems some code optimizations have been applied on Resource Registry along with the change of the underlying database.
    • Investigation of the following ticket regarding problematic behavior of the Index Service when the connectivity of the nodes that participate in the cluster is poor (#891). We decided to include nodes that belong to the same domain for each cluster until the problem is fixed in the next release of elasticsearch.


The following components have been released during gCube 3.2.0:

  • org.gcube.index-management.elasticsearch-gcube.2-1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.common-library.4-1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.index-service.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.index-service-client-library.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.index-service-commons.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.smartfish-doc-processor.2-0-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.smartfish-ds.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.search.opensearchdatasource.2-0-0
  • org.gcube.search.opensearchdatasource-client-library.2-0-0
  • org.gcube.search.opensearchdatasource-commons.1.0.0
  • org.gcube.search.opensearch-library.1-7-0
  • org.gcube.search.searchsystem.3-6-0
  • org.gcube.search.searchsystemservice.3-2-0
  • org.gcube.search.searchsystemservice-commons.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.search.search-client-library.2-2-0
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation.3-0-1
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-client-library.4-0-1
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-handlers.2-6-2
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-library.2-1-5
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-programs.1-6-2
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-service-commons.1-0-1
  • org.gcube.execution.EnvironmentProvider.1-6-0
  • org.gcube.execution.ExecutionEngineService.2-0-2
  • org.gcube.execution.GCubeEnvironmentProvider.1-7-0
  • org.gcube.execution.ResourceRegistry.1-5-0
  • org.gcube.execution.ResourceRegistry_NODEPS.1-5-0
  • org.gcube.execution.RRModel.1-8-0
  • org.gcube.execution.RRGCubeBridge.1-8-0
  • org.gcube.execution.WorkflowDTSAdaptor.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.execution.WorkflowSearchAdaptor.1-7-0
  • org.gcube.execution.rrconfprovider-webservice.1-0-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-core.4-4-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-userprofile.4-1-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-content.6-4-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-search.6-2-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-http-access-management.1-2.0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-http-information-retrieval.1-7-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-http-infrastructure-login.1-2-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-http-content-access.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.task-execution-logger.1-1-0

FORTH Activities

(Normally these activities fall under T10.4)

During this period FORTH worked on:

  • Constructing the MarineTLO-based warehouse v4. Some preliminary results can be found at the ticket #2807
  • Updating on XLink library to support linking entities with data coming from the Chimaera SPARQL endpoint. Related ticket: #2801



Terradue Activities

  • Migration of WPS-Hadoop to the research-infrastructures.eu CDH4 hadoop cluster
  • Improved WPS-Hadoop Web Client
  • Support for WPS ComplexData POST requests

  • None

  • Integration of all CDH2 jobs for CDH4. Integration of R environment
  • Added ComplexData support for inputs and support for WPS Default/Optional input format. Created a complexData-input version of Areal Spatial Disaggregation algorithm (Ticket #2682)
  • Added WPS Client Custom job input form and Resubmit Job option (development phase)

T10.2 Data Manipulation Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M3 to M26 i.e. December 2013)

T10.3 Data Mining and Visualisation Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M3 to M27 i.e. January 2014)

T10.4 Semantic Data Analysis Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M4 to M27 i.e. January 2014)

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