2014.02 WP10: Data Consumption Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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(NKUA Activities)
(Terradue Activities)
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=== Terradue Activities ===
=== Terradue Activities ===
''The beneficiary should report here a summary of the activities performed in the reporting period ''
* No T10.3 activity this month
<xh4> Deviations and Corrective Actions </xh4>
<xh4> Deviations and Corrective Actions </xh4>
''The beneficiary should report here major issues faced in the reporting period and the identified corrective actions, if any.''
* None
<xh4> Achievements </xh4>
<xh4> Achievements </xh4>
''The beneficiary should report here a bullet list highlighting the main achievements of the reporting period''
* None
== T10.2 Data Manipulation Facilities ==
== T10.2 Data Manipulation Facilities ==

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This WP10 Activity Report described the activities performed in February 2014 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of February 2014 Monthly Activity Report.

T10.1 Data Retrieval Facilities

NKUA Activities

  • Execution Engine Service and gCube Data Transformation Service have been turned into RESTful services - platform independent in combination with SmartGears.
  • Towards the creation of an enterprise search, two data adaptors have been created to deliver content in a homogeneous manner - xml over HTTP:
    • one for ingesting data from relational databases configured by an input xml file (#2487),
    • a second one for ingesting data from tree manager (#2488).
  • Preparation for gCube 3.0.0 release
  • FullTextIndex platform independent:
    • FullTextIndex has been refactored to turn into RESTful service - platform independent in combination with SmartGears.
  • FullTextIndex enhancements:
    • New capabilities of the index have been explored such as query optimization by exploiting native features of elasticsearch.
      • A new parser built with ANTLR is now employed for building elasticsearch queries
    • ForwardIndex merge with the FullTextIndex has been explored since browsing can be offered now from FullTextIndex.
    • Smartfish indices exploitation from the SearchSystem has been explored by extending the FullTextIndex to support querying with both field names and field IDs.
  • Search Changes
    • Due to the transformation of FullTextIndex service from SOAP to REST refactoring in Execution Engine, Workflow Search Adaptor and SearchSystem was required.
  • Resource Registry:
    • Resource Registry has been refactored to discover the new type of SerchSystem Service.
    • The migration of the ResourceRegistry to the new version Datanucleus, in order to be compatible with Java 7, is under testing.


The following components have been released in 3.0.0:

  • org.gcube.execution.WorkflowDTSAdaptor.1-0-6
  • org.gcube.execution.EnvironmentProvider.1-5-0
  • org.gcube.execution.GCubeEnvironmentProvider.1-6-0
  • org.gcube.execution.ExecutionEngine.1-3-1
  • org.gcube.execution.ExecutionEngineService.2-0-0
  • org.gcube.execution.WorkflowHiveQLAdaptor.1-0-1
  • org.gcube.execution.gRS2.2-1-1
  • org.gcube.execution.RRModel.1-6-0
  • org.gcube.execution.RRGCubeBridge.1-6-0
  • org.gcube.execution.RRPlugins.1-1-0
  • org.gcube.execution.WorkflowSearchAdaptor.1-5-0
  • org.gcube.execution.resourceregistry-configuration-search.1-0-2

  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-handlers.2-6-0
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-library.2-1-3
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-library_NODEPS.2-1-3
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-programs.1-6-1
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation.2-2-5
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-stubs.2-2-5
  • org.gcube.data-transformation.data-transformation-client-library.3-0-0-1
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-aslHarvestersHttpDB.1-0
  • org.gcube.application-support-layer.application-support-layer-aslHarvestersHttpTree.1-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.common-library.3-5-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.couchbase-gcube.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.elasticsearch-gcube.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.forwardindexnode.1-2-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.forwardindexnode-stubs.1-2-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.fulltextindexnode.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.fulltextindexnode-stubs.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.forwardindexnode-client-library.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.index-management.fulltextindexnode-client-library.1-3-0
  • org.gcube.search.searchsystem.3-4-0
  • org.gcube.search.searchsystemservice.3-0-0
  • org.gcube.search.data-handlers-library.1-0-1
  • org.gcube.search.hive-parser.1-0-1
  • org.gcube.search.operatorlibrary.1-3-1
  • org.gcube.search.opensearchdatasource.1-6-5
  • org.gcube.search.opensearchdatasource-stubs.1-6-5
  • org.gcube.search.resultset-library.3-1-1
  • org.gcube.search.resultset-garbage-collector.3-1-0-3

FORTH Activities

(Normally these activities refer to T10.4)

During this period FORTH activities revolved around:

  • The construction of the MarineTLO-based warehouse V3+. Some of the new features of the warehouse are: exploitation of multiple graph spaces, enhanced access control, support of 3 levels of provenance tracking and improved refreshing capabilities. Related ticket: #2433
  • The automation of the process of constructing a MarineTLO-based warehouse. Particular focus was given on the aspect of quantifying the connectivity of a warehouse. Towards this direction we developed some novel metrics for evaluating the connectivity of a warehouse. Related ticket: #2255
  • Performing several improvements of the X-Link library. Related ticket: #2672


The following components has been released:

  • org.gcube.portlets-user.xsearch-portlet.1-2-0

Terradue Activities

  • No T10.3 activity this month

  • None

  • None

T10.2 Data Manipulation Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M3 to M26 i.e. December 2013)

T10.3 Data Mining and Visualisation Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M3 to M27 i.e. January 2014)

T10.4 Semantic Data Analysis Facilities

Complete (the Task was active from M4 to M27 i.e. January 2014)

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