2013.03 WP8: iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Enabling Technology Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP8 Activity Report described the activities performed in March 2013 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of March 2013 Monthly Activity Report.

T8.1 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Enabling-technology Development

CNR Activities

  • Added documentation on registry publisher (#1444)
  • Bugfixing on Registry publisher. A problem affecting the registry-publisher that affected the update of resources published on multiple scopes has been solved. Better error handling procedures have been delivered. (#1304)

None to report.

None to report.

FAO Activities

None to report.

None to report.

None to report.

T8.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Policy-oriented Security Facilities

E-IIS Activities

The internal integration test for SOA3 Authentication Components and Connectors have been completed, so the related tickets (#341,#1261) have been closed.ENG provided some documentation on SOA3 and SOA3 Connector that should be integrated in gCube wiki.

The whole work was presented in the 5th TCOM in Pise, where ENG presented:

  • the Authentication Components
  • the integration and deployment plan
  • the Resource Accounting

ENG started an activity of support for the partners involved in the deployment on test and development.

The work on SOA3 Authorization Module has been started, related tickets are:

  • #335 for Policy Definition REST interfaces, completed
  • #336 for Authorization Query interfaces
  • #340 for the Documentation
  • #378 for the Policy Management Portlet (requirement collection)

The work on the Resource Accounting has been started, related tickets are:

  • #1515 to discuss the data-model definition of "Data Access" resource type
  • #1516 to discuss the data-model definition of "Execution" resource type
  • #1517 to discuss the data-model definition of "Storage" resource type
  • #1518 to discuss the data-model definition of "Service" resource type
  • #1527 to discuss the notification mechanism and pre-aggregation of the accounting data.
  • #1582 to report progress on the implementation of the resource accounting library.


SOA3 Authentication Module and Connector

T8.3 Workflow Management Facilities

NKUA Activities

Workflow Orchestrator Layer implementation has progressed. The JDL Lanaguage was extended to enable the description of DAGs of job types other than Normal, i.e. Web Service invocations. The new language is named gJDL and a parser for its Web Service functionality was built. Development of a component that parses gCube services' WSDL files to create request and response SOAP envelopes has also started (#1276).

According to ticket (#936), PE2ng Evaluation under the Ecosystem VRE has been completed. The results indicate that the amount of the execution time decreases proportionally to the number of nodes. For further testing, PE2ng Evaluation will continue by exploiting the UMD infrastructure through WorkflowGridAdaptor (#1317) and compare the final results.

Furthermore, the implementation of the PE2ng operators is close to come to an end (#1265). Also, the GCubeEnvironmentProvider has been refactored in order to use the new version of storage manager and remove content manager dependencies (#1567).



FAO Activities

None to report.

None to report.

None to report.

T8.4 Resource Model

Complete (the Task was active from M1 to M8)

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