2013.03 WP5: iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP5 Activity Report described the activities performed in March 2013 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of March 2013 Monthly Activity Report.

T5.1 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Operation

CERN Activities

A new version of gCube has been deployed in the production infrastructure ( gCube 2.13). CERN was responsible for part of the integration testing, pre-production validation and coordination of the upgrade.

The two iMarine grid sites have been upgraded to UMD 2. CERN was coordinating the upgrade activities

A new BOM for maven based portlets had been developed (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/1313) .

Documentation for BOMs has been completed at https://gcube.wiki.gcube-system.org/gcube/index.php/GCube_Maven_BOMs

The GHN has been extended in order to contain by default a logger configuration for JUL:



  • Infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.13
  • UMD sites upgrade to UMD2

CNR Activities

  • All 12 nodes in the EGI infrastructure upgraded to version UMD 2, voms upgraded to versione EMI 2.

T5.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Nodes Provision

CNR Activities

  • CNR has been keeping up and running the provided nodes hosting GHNs, UMD and project management services.
  • 2 new databases nodes for FishBase and SeaLIfeBase data.
  • 10 new VMs available at CNR for production ( node1.d4science.org-node10.d4science.org)
  • 4 new nodes for a secure VOVirtual Organization; in development infrastructure
  • 3 new VMs provided to a portal instance for the secure VOVirtual Organization; (with 2 nodes for shibboleth integration).

NKUA Activities

  • Maintenance of the provided nodes hosting GHNs, UMD and the gcube wiki
  • Scheduling and performing the upgrade of NKUAs' grid nodes to UMD 2


  • NKUAs' grid nodes upgraded to UMD2

FAO Activities

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

FIN Activities

The beneficiary should report here a summary of the activities performed in the reporting period

The beneficiary should report here major issues faced in the reporting period and the identified corrective actions, if any.

The beneficiary should report here a bullet list highlighting the main achievements of the reporting period

T5.3 iMarine Data Infrastructure Availability, Monitoring and Accounting

CERN Activities

A new library in order to transparently retrive Message Broker endpoints has been developed:


The library is going to be released in gCube 2.14.

A first version of the Aquamaps Images webapp Nagios Probe has been developed and installed in our production Nagios server.




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