2012.10 WP11: Data e-Infrastructures Integration and Interoperability Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP11 Activity Report described the activities performed in October 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of Monthly Activity Report.

T11.1 Application Programming Interfaces Framework Definition

CERN Activities

ghn-client-runtime and ghn-client-notification components implemented by FAO have been released in org.gcube.distribution.3-5-0.



E-IIS Activities

The implementation of common-security library is completed: integration tests will be performed together with the rest of SOA3 Framework just after the TCOM


common-security library pre release

FAO Activities

FAO has applied a fix on common-gcore-service which prevented correct query formulation for stateful service, and it has eliminated the dependency on GCUBEScopeManager in favour of the ScopeProvider, following the deprecation of the former in the upcoming gCF 1.6.0. common-gcore-clients 2.1.0 is now scheduled for release in gCube 2.12.

None to report.

None to report.

T11.2 Data Management APIs

FAO Activities

In the broader context of integration issues within WP9, FAO has presented at the 3rd TCom an architecture for the HTTP URI resolution of data which is otherwise accessible through ad-hoc SOAP interfaces in the data management layer of the system. This is ultimately a WP11 activity, as it provides gCube clients with a uniform, standard interface for data lookups within the infrastructure, pushing service-ward the resolution of technology integration and interoperability issues. A lookup interface to data based on HTTP URIs is in fact a first basic step towards the REST-ification of existing SOAP APIs.

Following the meeting, FAO has engaged with a discussion with relevant partners, such as CNR and Athens. As a result FAO has implemented the entire architecture and released in gCube 2.11 a set of components that fall in the scope of WP8, WP9, and WP11. A resolver for HTTP URIs for trees, tree-uri-resolver, is a component that follows in the scope of WP11. This is a JAX-RS REST service that is deployable on Virtual Platforms based on servlet containers, such as Tomcat.

The deployment of REST services within the architecture is, to date, limited to Virtual Platforms. The tools available for this have been proved to assume 3rd-party services, rather than full gCube components released with the rest of system. FAO has opened a ticket about these limitations (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/804) and a discussion with CNR has followed on ways to go beyond the initial design assumption of deployment tools.

The design and implementation of an architecture for HTTP URI resolution of data accessible within the system through ad-hoc SOAP interfaces.

T11.3 Data Consumption APIs

NKUA Activities

NKUA has tested thoroughly the new HTTP Framework through the integration with the new Android application for gCube search. The application uses all the asl components that base on the framework to allow the mobile device user to log in the system (using LDAP credentials), log in an Infrastructure Scope, view the searchable collections of a VRE and search over one or more collections via simple search. The access of the user to the system resources is based on the session mechanism that is managed within ASL framework. The application uses either JSON or XML supported APIs according to its needs.

NKUA has also contributed in the production of D11.3:Application Programming Interface Software, by collecting the list of the software released up to M10, describing their novelties and evolution and documenting their utility towards meeting the interoperability objectives.

Finally, NKUA has started the development of Data Transformation Service Client Library, based on the CL Framework.


  • Production of D11.3: Application Programming Interface Software
  • Integration of ASL HTTP Framework with new Android application for gCube search
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