2012.08 WP11: Data e-Infrastructures Integration and Interoperability Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP11 Activity Report described the activities performed in August 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of August 2012 Monthly Activity Report.

T11.1 Application Programming Interfaces Framework Definition

FAO Activities

FAO has worked towards the release of the components that implement the CL model into a framework, namely common-clients and common-gcore-clients.

None to report

The first release of the CL framework through version 2.0.0 of the components mentioned above.

T11.2 Data Management APIs

CERN Activities

The Data Transfer Scheduler Library is under implementation, it's based on the CL FW implementation.



T11.3 Data Consumption APIs

NKUA Activities

During this month NKUA worked on the HTTP Front End for the data consumption APIs, by testing the components which are based on the new architecture, comply to the framework principles and support json. The documentation for the implementation of the new components has been added in the wiki, and can be found here:

Moreover, MS48: 'Data Consumption APIs Secification' has been achieved, with the inclusion of all the APIs of the software subsystems respective to the functional category and the analysis of their key features, framework compliance and adoption of protocols and specifications.

none to report

  • MS48: Data Consumption APIs Specification achieved
  • First release of the new components complying to the HTTP Front End framework.

FORTH Activities

FORTH worked further on the XSearch service. The key features of the service is that it receives a set of textual components (query terms, results) and performs entity mining and clustering on the results. The results are returned in JSON format. Furthermore the service has been deployed through the IS and is binded with the XSearch portlet.



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