2012.04 WP7: Enabling-technology Integration and Distribution Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP7 Activity Report described the activities performed in April 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of April 2012 Monthly Activity Report.

T7.1 Software Integration, Validation and Release

E-IIS Activities

E-IIS coordinated the maintenance release gCube 2.8.1 in the first half of the month, running integration builds and deployment tests.

E-IIS, in collaboration with WP8 and FAO, CERN, CNR organizations, finalized the work for the support in Maven. In particular a completely new part has been added to allow ant-based components to be available and deployable through the new Software Gateway service (which replace the Software Repository). Tools have been implemented for:

  • automatic creation and deployment of javadoc artifacts for legacy components that are not published by the Software Gateway anymore
  • automatic update of profile.xml file in order to be compatible with the new format defined by the Software Gateway
  • automatic deployment of servicearchive artifacts in gCube Maven Repository.

GCube HEAD configurations in ETICS have been updated in order to run those tools during integration builds. For some components a manual modification was required in order to make these tools run properly.

In order to support the integration testing phase, a new Maven repository called gcube-staging has been created to host all artifacts built during release's integration builds. Mavenizer and Maven Proxy tools have been updated consequently.

All these changes have been released in version 1.0.0 of maven-builder.

A further activity performed in this period was the substitution in all HEAD configurations of the dependency on old gCore component to the new gCore released in a different component. Also all references to old gcore have been removed in the build commands of ETICS configurations.

E-IIS started the implementation of a new tool to register in the Software Gateway the profiles of all components built during an integration build executed with ETICS. This will replace the "certification" process.

  • release 2.9.0, initially announced for the last week of April, has been postponed to the first week of May to let WP7 to finalize work on Maven support.

  • gCube 2.8.1 released
  • new gcube-staging Maven repository
  • maven-builder.1-0-0 released

CNR Activities

In this month, CNR spent a significant effort to actively participated to the implementation of the gCube Mavenization process. Many aspects of this process were refined along the way and others came out. Tens of issues, corner cases and doubts have been raised, discussed and solved.

The Service Gateway service and the SGClient have been adapted to fit the changing needs of WP7.

This month's T7.1 activities required more effort than originally planned. Some work planned in T8.1 has been postponed for the benefit of T7.1.

  • SGClient 1.0.0 released

T7.2 Software Distribution and Documentation

NKUA Activities

NKUA has been in discussion with partners from ENG about the changes that need to be done on distribution site regarding the replacement of Software Repository with Software Gateway on the release 2.9.0. Development phase about this goal has been in progress.



CNR Activities

According to the gCube mavenization process, CNR worked on the creation of a new gHN distribution compliant with the new ETICS configurations and rules. The results is a brand new bundle created starting from the results of Maven builds and reconfigured to use the gCore Framework 1.4.0 released in the context of gCube 2.9.0. The SGClient 1.0 has been finalized and integrated with the mvn proxy tool towards a complete solution for uploading and distributing gCube packages through a Maven Repository.

None to report.

  • gHN-distribution 3.3.0
  • new Etics configurations for the components released as part of gCube 2.8.1 and 2.9.0

E-IIS Activities

E-IIS collaborated tightly with NKUA and CNR in the definition of new strategy for publication of Javadoc reports. E-IIS will make the Software Gateway report available to NKUA that will use it to discover URLs of javadoc packages.

An updated of discussion site has been also designed with NKUA in order to update the Distribution Site with new Maven-based component's coordinates.



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