2012.04 WP11: Data e-Infrastructures Integration and Interoperability Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP11 Activity Report described the activities performed in April 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of April 2012 Monthly Activity Report.

T11.1 Application Programming Interfaces Framework Definition

NKUA Activities

NKUA has continued working on the HTTP Front End layer of the Integration and Interoperability Framework. The architecture of the new version of the framework has been designed and discussed with the WG members. The decisions for the framework re-structuring have been driven by the need for its extensibility and include the devision of the monadical application (ASLHTTP) of the previous version into a set of smaller applications that can proliferate within the framework. An HTTP application in the new version of this layer, logically groups related functionality. From the existing implementation, the components derived are the following:

  • ASL_HTTP_InformationRetrieval: Aggregates mandated functionality to perform a gCube search listing of searchable collections retrieval of information about searchable collections
    • listing of search types
    • listing of languages
    • listing of searchable fields
    • submission of search query
    • retrieval of search results
  • ASL_HTTP_ContentAccess: Aggregates functionality for accessing gCube content
    • retrieval of information about content
    • retrieval of content
    • retrieval of metadata
    • retrieval of thumbnails
  • ASL_HTTP_InfrastructureLogin: Aggregates functionality for logging in an infrastructure scope
    • user authentication – logging in Infrastructure
    • listing of infrastructure scopes
    • logging in an Infrastructure scope
  • Specifications Implementations: Implementations of HTTP Standards placed in separate application components
    • ASL_HTTP_OpenSearch

Moreover, a common utility component for Operations' Authentication, providing the functionality needed to authenticate the execution of an operation (integrating both session based authentication logic and anonymous access mode logic) has been implemented and is intended to be used by all components.

NKUA has also tightly collaborated with FAO on the work on the CL model with active participation in the intensive analysis of possible use cases and solutions towards its completion and establishment.

None to report.

  • Release of aslHttpInfrastructureLogin component that aggregates functionality for logging in the gCube system
  • Release of applicationSupportLayerHttpCompenent that is intended to be used by all components of the HTTP Front End layer and authenticate the execution of operations

CNR Activities

CNR revised the documentation on the CL Model produced within the WG11.1 and provided early feedback. It also started the preparation of D11.2, due for M6. However, since gCube 2.9.0 has been delayed to May 4th, the deliverable (bound to such release) will be completed in the second week of May.

D11.2 delayed to the second week of May.

None to report.

CERN Activities

No activity performed

E-IIS Activities

The beneficiary should report here a summary of the activities performed in the reporting period

The beneficiary should report here major issues faced in the reporting period and the identified corrective actions, if any.

The beneficiary should report here a bullet list highlighting the main achievements of the reporting period

FAO Activities

FAO has continued working on the CL model, re-editing and extending it towards:

  • addressing subtle interactions between replication and statefulness
  • refining accordingly binding and endpoint strategies
  • expanding accordingly Assumptions and Terminology with a clear description of replication and statefulness scenarios
  • completing the missing Section on Instance Properties
  • overall revising most of the existing test on proxy creation and lifetime

The work has been driven by intensive analysis of possible use cases and solutions, in tight collaboration with NKUA. The work is now very close to completion and work on the remaining sections has been assigned. Work on the framework that supports model-compliant CL development has been planned and is due to start next.

The latest version of the model is available in the WIKI and, in PDF form, in BSCW

None to report.

None to report.

T11.2 Data Management APIs

The timeline of this task has been aligned to T11.1 and the activities on the Data Consumption API will be intensified in the next and based on the established CL model.

Activities of the task are essentially referenced in the work done in T11.1.

T11.3 Data Consumption APIs

NKUA Activities

In the context of re-visiting the architecture of the HTTP Front End layer of the Infrastructure and Interoperability framework, the components providing generic information retrieval through HTTP and HTTP based standards are being re-structured and dissociated into standalone applications.

Since the CL Model has now been finalized, work on the framework that supports model-compliant CL development for Data Consumption APIs has been planned and is due to start next.

None to report.

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