2012.01 WP1: Administrative and Financial Management Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP1 Activity Report described the activities performed in January 2012 by Beneficiary and Task. It is part of January 2012 Activity Report.

T1.1 Administration of the Grant Agreement and Related Activities

ERCIM Activities

A scanned copy of the signature page of the Consortium Agreement was received from IRD on 27 Jan, permitting ERCIM to request the transfer of the advance payment.

None to report.

  • All signature pages of the CA now in the hands of the Coordinator. Advance payment 1 can be completed.

T1.2 Resource Management

ERCIM Activities

6 Jan was the due date set for the first bi-monthly effort report (covering November-December 2011). In spite of numerous reminders to the partners, only 6 (incl. ERCIM) of the 13 beneficiaries have provided an effort report to date.

The next bi-monthly effort report is due on Friday, 2 March. ERCIM proposes to encourage partners early on that this new deadline will need to be met with both the M2 and M4 reports.


T1.3 Quality Assurance

ERCIM/CNR Activities

  • The quality assurance procedure was closely followed for the due and overdue deliverables and milestones. E-mails were sent to remind authors/reviewers of the end January due date set for catching up with any delays.
  • The D1.1 Quality Assurance Plan was produced and reviewed by the Steering Board. Minor improvements have been suggested.
  • A proposal was made for assigning internal reviewers to all of the deliverables due in project Months 6-10: http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Deliverables#Months_6-10
  • 2 project status emails were sent to the consortium on 6 Jan (M3) and 1 Feb (M4).

Several deliverables are now considered to be in delay:

D1.1 Quality Plan, M2, ERCIM/CNR D7.1 Software Release Procedures and Tools, M2, E-IIS D3.1 EA-CoP Operation, M3, FAO D6.2 Applications and Tools Development Plans, M3, FAO

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