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Meeting Friday 20 June 2014

Present: Fabio, GP, Nicolas, Casey, Edward, Lino.



BiOnym Interface

  • Casey uploaded the [[1]version 6].
  • Works better with the refresh time at 1 sec.
  • Casey to create a test user on the interface side, GP will create it on the back-end side (bionym.user).
  • The production server will be much faster than the development one, but we keep the interface in the "development" pointing to the production back-end.
  • GP and Casey to work on the technical details.
  • Fabio's remarks:
    • TAF file with a strange behavior. GP and Fabio will solve that.
    • Issue with CoL ([[2]Chordata]), mixing up with the other CoL file Mammalia. Ticket sent by Fabio.
    • Let the user be able to remove one of the 2 matchers by default.
  • Reminder: Nicolas got the authorization that iMArine host the complete CoL annual check-list 2014. Need to write a simple MoU and send to Peter Schalk.
  • Casey has a look with GP and Angela to start the work with list of species.


  • Report published in the CNR technical report publishing system [[PUMA]http://puma.isti.cnr.it/dfdownload.php?ident=/cnr.isti/2014-TR-022].
  • Target first the Biological paper:
    • Biodiversity Informatics is setas a second choice because the lack of impact factor.
    • Targeted journal: [[Ecography]http://www.ecography.org/about-journal/journal-information] as a journal of high impact factor that could fit. Nicolas sent by email a recent paper that could justify the publication in that journal.
    • Discussion on other most likely journals (expensive options like PLoSOne discarded last week but we may have a second look) could continue until next week.
  • For the informatics paper: still not clear what such a paper would describe apart from the GCube infrastructure, e.g., string manipulations; needs some thinking. What about R journal, Edward to investigate and report.
  • Other possible journals to investigate in [[3]BioMed journals] (NB)
    • Algorithms for Molecular Biology [[4]]
    • BioData Mining [[5]]
    • BMC Bioinformatics
    • to be continued ...

Next meeting

Friday 27th June 2014, 10 am, changed from Thursday due to iMarine Board 25-26 June 2014.

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