19.12.2012 Etics@Eng and JAVA 7

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Time: Wed December 19, 2012, 15:00 - 15:45 Europe/Rome

Phone call Agenda:

  • Etics deployment @ ENG
  • Migration to Java 7


Paqauale Pagano (CNR)

Gabriele Giammatteo (ENG)

Paolo Fabriani (ENG)

Andrea Manzi (CERN)

Main Discussions and Actions

Etics deployment @ ENG

Paolo and Gabriele presented the activity to be carried out @ ENG during the beginning of 2013 in order to install and configure an Etics infrastructure and allow the gCube integration process to be continued after the Etics CERN instance dismissal.

The main points presented:

Machine setup (1w)

  • etics-server
  • etics-repository
  • worker nodes (1..10). OS: CentOS 6, Fedora, Debian

Data import (2~3 weeks to define procedure and scripts. 1~2 days to run migrate&check)

  • gcube
  • gcore(?), diligent (?)
  • users (only imarine ones)
  • externals + other components as needed
  • sanitize data (cern.ch -> eng.it)

Backup mechanism (1w to setup & check)

  • project metadata
  • repository
    • externals
    • released packages


  • Service setup: 11 Jan 2013
  • Data import process definition and test: 8 Feb 2013
  • Backup mechanism: 22 Feb 2013
  • Switch ... to be decided.

All partipants agreed on the activities and the schedule.


  • (ENG) to open tickets on trac related to this activity

Migration to Java 7

Gabriele presented some actions to be carried out in order to start the integration of gCube with JAVA 7:

  • request ETICS external (latest java 1.7 version)
  • clone gcube.HEAD changing jdk version
  • build gcube.HEAD_1.7 and solve all potential issue derived from jdk update


  • present solution and migration instructions/guidelines at next TCOM
  • integrate in the first minor release after the TCOM

In addition Andrea suggested to perform an activity of deployment testing to be performed together with the deployment tests of the new Mavenized GHN.

Gabriele will start the first builds with Java 7 in January, but given the activity related to Etics installation and configuration this activity will be performed with less priority. Therefore a presentation during the TCOM of possible migration guidelines is not foreseen.

It has been also agreed that the testing infrastructure should run with Java 7 as soon as a first version of gCube with java 7 will start to be integrated.

  • (CERN) open tickets related to the migration activities
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