19.04.2012 Codelist Manager (with AgInfra)

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Meeting Notes; iMarine and AgInfra

Participants: Anton Ellenbroek , Erik van Ingen (imarine), Yves jaques, Armando Stellato (AgInfra)

Notes summary of 2 meetings (19-04 and 07-05)

Yves Jacques, Armando Stellato are in AgInfras responsible for the VoCbench.

Erik van Ingen proposes a joint effort to

  1. Study the win-win potential if a shared effort results in an improved management of codelists / taxonomies / vocabularies
  2. Study how data access and management components in the imarine e-Infrastructure can support AgInfra
  3. Study how both projects can collaborate in an OS project
  4. Study how the proposed RDF store can be fed, and how other stores and KB's can be enriched with content, and how this can be maintained

The 2 projects met about the eventual integration scenarios of VocBench and Cotrix (CodelistManager). Several integration scenario's will be discussed later.

AgInfra informed that Vocbench implements usecases for concept management,

iMarine informed that 'Cotrix' (the working title for CLM) will implement usecases for Codelist management.

It was agreed that from a usecase perspective, VocBench and Cotrix are very complementary.

The mindset of Vocbench is the use of a Triple Store for persistence. The mindset of Cotrix is abstract from any persistence implementation (the persistence layer could be RDBMS, NoSQL like Neo4J or a Triple Store). The requirement for abstraction comes from partners in the project like iMarine, DGMare and the Bank of Italy. This requirement needs to be verified again.

The conclusion is that these meetings are very promising, even though there is a ‘persistent’ complexity of integration, which has not been resolved yet. The 'minds' are now giving time to work further and come up with creative ideas.

We decided to meet again in a couple of weeks.

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