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Meeting 18 December 2013, 12:00 am to 1.15 pm


Presents: P. Pagano (CNR) - L. Candela (CNR) - M. Assante (CNR) - Anton Ellenbroek (FAO) - Yann Laurent (FAO) - Claudio Baldassare (FAO) - Emmanuel Blondel (FAO)

Agenda: discussing the opportunity to further collaborate with iMarine in developing for the infrastructure the client side search analysis tool developed in SmartFish

Yann Laurent, SmartFish Chimaera development coordinator presented the context of SmartFish Fisheries Regional Portal Development (see http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Ecosystem_Approach_Community_of_Practice:_smartfish). iMarine is hosting the Chimaera portal (a simple PHP application with a small postgres DB mainly for additional content management and multilingual purposes). iMarine is also providing the indexing/annotation services for the content of the 3 source information systems (FIRMS, WIOFish and StatBase). Search facilities are provided by FLOD components migrated to NKUA servers. Investigation are in progress with FORTH to benefit from Xsearch to exploit iMarine semantics services.

The implementation of these web services in Chimaera portal leads to the development of a quite advanced javascript libraries to exploit results sent back from these services as JSON files.
The 3 components together (indexing/annotation, search facilities and client side Javascript libraries) provide a comprehensive solution to exploit external resources and provides end-users search facilities and results refinement tools.

The question posed to the community is: is this tool of interest if iMarine for integration in the infra, if yes, what is required in terms of quality insurance of the piece of software to ensure a smooth integration?

The long discussion that follows can be summarized as follow:
This integration is at 2 levels:

  • Ensure that all conditions are met for a sustainable integration of Chimaera in the infrastructure (hosting / availability of the services): need to make sure that a proper deployment in production is done for the portal and for the related components: Action to be taken by Leonardo and Yann: document Chimaera portal for a comprehensive understanding of the production requirement by the iMarine integration team (Andrea must be contacted for these aspects).
  • iMarine acknowledged its interest in this client side JS components to exploit search result. Discussion must be initiated at technical levels (Emmanuel and Massimiliano) to ensure that all conditions are met for integration. These discussions must start immediately given the dead line of Mauritius workshop late January. Feedbacks are expected during January, it is important to avoid double activity on this component. Emmanuel must be aware of iMarine compliance needs with their software policies to adapt the JS components and if needed apply corrections from collected feedbacks. Emmanuel will work under iMarine time to apply necessary changes to the JS components to make it compliant with iMarine standards.
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