18.07.2013 NEAFC

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Meeting Notes 18.07.2013 14:00 - 15:00

Present: A.Ellenbroek (FAO), Rachel Lewsley (NEAFC), Anthony Early (NEAFC)


  1. It is not immediately possible to start developing against FLUX requirements.
    1. There is a draft specification for position records in XML, but no final format or tooling
    2. Rachel will contact DG MARE on this again
    3. Pending that outcome, the opportunity will not be pursued
  2. There is a more concrete opportunity with ICES
    1. ICES needs on-line access to NEAFC database, but such facility does not yet exist
    2. We can propose to develop this in iMarine; a VRE offering a search on NEAFC data
    3. The VRE would be accessible only after approval of the ICES VRE Manager, results would be stored in a Secure WorkSpace
    4. The VRE would send a query to NEAFC’s database, and NEAFC would post back the results. There is no NEAFC data accessed other than through one component, managed in the NEAFC infrastructure.
    5. This component marshals the query requests and posts back the result set; it would be developed under subcontract by NEAFC.
    6. It would be an independent piece of SW, to ensure sustainability.
    7. iMarine is to connect to and / or embed this SW component, and enable the storage of results, provide lay-out and design of the UI
  3. Next
    1. We will focus on topic 2 above for this subcontract
    2. A.Ellenbroek to provide NEAFC with a draft functional proposal by Tuesday 23 July
    3. We will contact ICES with a draft plan. Carlos Pinto at ices.dk is the contact for NEAFC
    4. We invite CNR after the meeting next week to comment on a written draft proposal.
    5. FAO NEAFC will have another call Thursday 25.
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