18.01.2013 WP5-WP8 Security Integrationl

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Time: Wed Jan 18 , 2013, 15:30 - 16:00 CET


WP8: Ciro Formisano and Ermanno Travaglino ( ENG )

WP5 leader: Andrea Manzi (CERN)

Summary of the discussion

Authn Development.

  • Distribution for Authn almost completed
  • The authentication using DN is working and the federated with Token is missing the testing. ( only the one service side)
  • In order to test the CL a common-security has been implemented and tested.
  • in order to integrate the security service side everything will be transparent.

gCore modification

  • modifica a livello di gcore
  • to speak with Fabio.

Deployment of SOA3:

  • shibboleth and liferay integration
  • documentation of the SOA3 need to be completed.

Secure distribution

  • to use the ghn-distribution-bundle and ghn-distribution-secure

AuthZ next step.


  • ENG: prepare the mail to TCom with 2.11.0 release details and deadline
  • ENG :
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