17.09.2012 WP11 - Specifications Plan

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Time: Monday September 17, 2012, 12:00 - 13:00 Europe/Rome

Conference call agenda:

  • To present and discuss the plan for collection of Specifications supported in the system.
  • To conclude on the methodology and the deadlines for conducting the task.


Alex Antoniadis (NKUA)

Andrea Manzi (CERN)

Fabio Simeoni (FAO)

George Kakaletris (NKUA)

Massimiliano Assante (CNR)

Rena Tsantouli (NKUA)

Yannis Marketakis (FORTH)



  • Next plans in WP11 include the collection of all widely used protocol Specifications adopted by the system APIs.
  • Each partner will check what is there and falls under his/her implementation duties (not only what already implemented, but also what is under implementation, or soon to be implemented) and report to the wiki

Resulted Guidelines

  • Include standards produced but consumed also
  • Include only widely and standard Specifications adopted (not our APIs as standards)
  • Interested mainly for APIs at the edge of the system (no added value to disseminate data directly from intermediate services)
  • Avoid to report on plans whose implementation is not definite


  • Wiki page will be established by NKUA
  • The scope of the task will be broadened to the TCOM partners
  • Deadline: until next TCOM (October 2012), it would be good to have at least all the titles
  • The activity will be combined with that of the 'Catalog of Products' towards the collection of all the dissemination means integrated in the system
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