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Meeting Thursday 24 July 2014

Present: Fabio, GP, Nicolas, Anton, Edward.



CRIA activities

  • Test of current version against their own system.
  • Along with the previous activities, design/complete the post-processing functionalities we suggest in the technical report, with the ones they have in their own system (finally it answers positively Leonardo's remark during the TCOM). Will see how far we can re-use their algorithm and implement it (Casey).
  • Design the alert flow (when a database is changed, which other ones should be alerted) that was described in consultancy work, in an ideal world. We will not have time to implement but it will be a good example of what the infrastructure could do in that domain to help to maintain consistent many information systems around the world.
  • Design a landing page for BiOnym that redirects to simple search or advanced search or other implementation in the statistical manager depending on what the user wants and is able to do. The landing page should contain one simple search box as it is now, but links with explanations to other implementations should be added. Casey to implement.
  • GP and Casey to work together after the typhoon event on speeding the current simple interface.
  • Ask Tony Rees, Yde de Jong, GBIF people, more? to check the interface (Nicolas, Edward; 'more' could include Dima, Rod Page, BioVel) when ready.

R package

  • GP has tested the R package developed by Jerome Guitton. It works well, but may need some refinement.
  • Nicolas precises that he works in the National Agronomic school, in one of the branch that is dedicated to fisheries (this one being in the West Agrocampus in Rennes - Brittany (not in Toulouse or Montpellier as Nicolas said during the discussion), which is a campus with several institutions dedicated to agriculture research incl. the University of Rennes.
  • Edward will test it as well, Nicolas when back from vacations.
  • GP suggests to invite Jerome to the weekly discussions.

Publication of WPS BiOnym on www.biodiversitycatalogue.org

GP Nicolas had already answered positively to Gianpaolo's request, which is confirmed by the present members of the group. [It was effectively done the day after, email from Gianpaolo.]


Both Nicolas and Edward could not work recently on the biodiversity paper. They will resume early August. Selection of journal: XXX.


Nicolas: 20 July - 10 August. Offline 21-26 July, from time to time the two other weeks.

Gianpaolo: 4 August - 22 August

Next meeting

Thursday 24th July 2014, 10 am, with those who are present and can. Jerome Guitton to be invited.

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