17.05.2013 Roy Palmer

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Roy Palmer, a visiting scientist of FAO, has worked with several authorities in Australia, and now is planning the development of a Mobile App to support e.g. government officials dealing with Marine Species names and trade names.

He saw good potential in Applifish to be re-purposed in this area, especially if it can manage the fact-sheets on species in Australia.

he will return to Australia on 22 May, and has already informed his counterparts in Australia on the opportunity.

Next steps:

  1. A.Ellenbroek to provide Mr.Palmer with a draft development plan (done)
  2. A.Ellenbroek to provide Mr.Palmer with a spreadsheet for data colelction, similar to the AppliFish fact-sheets (done)
  3. R.palmer to provide iMarine with information on their fact-sheets (done)
  4. R.Palmer to discuss the potential with couterparts in Australia (June)
  5. A.Ellenbroek to discuss a development of
    1. A stronger backend in the iMarine infrastructure to support downstream synchronization, pushing info into apps
    2. A different application to support the Australian needs
  6. Only after the high level needs and potential are investigated will contact with R.Palmer be made through the project.
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