15.11.2013 VME-DB

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Meeting 15 November 2013, 10:30-18:00 pm

Location: FAO, Rome.


  • M. Assante - CNR
  • F. Fiorellato - FAP
  • A. Gentile - FAO
  • E. Van Ingen - FAO



Modifications are needed to be able to reflect the changes of a Report Model Instance in the VME-DB

in the Reporting Library [RL]

  • 1) Add a String parameter in Attribute class

in the Reporting Modeler [RMD]

  • 1) possibility to add Sequences
  • 2) possibility to embed Report References as part of a Sequence
  • 3) possibility to set arbitrary properties on Report Components (Metadata association to BasicComponent)

Modification are needed in the Reports Manager WebApp [RMW]

  • 1) Support [RMD] point 2.
  • 2) Modify the VME-Import Dialog, 3 steps phase to import a VME-DB: Select a RMFO first, then the VME Rep Name, then the Year.

FAO to provide a first implementation of the RSG Scenarios reported in Scenarios as soon as possible.



Discussion: M. Assante, E. Van Ingen, F. Fiorellato

  • Status and presentations of the upgraded tools
    • The gCube Reports Modeler
    • The gCube Reporting Library
    • The Report Store Gateway meta language definition


Lunch Break


Discussion: M. Assante, E. Van Ingen, F. Fiorellato, A. Gentile

  • VME-DB / iMarine Interoperability
    • On Reading report instances from iMarine Reports to Report Store Gateway


Discussion: M. Assante, E. Van Ingen, A. Gentile

  • On Importing VME Reports on the iMarine Reports Web Application
    • The iMarine import Dialog for VME Reports
    • The iMarine import dialog for VME Report References
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