15.05.2014 VME-DB Conference Call

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VME-DB Conference-Call about VME-DB workshop - follow up


  • M. Assante - CNR
  • F. Fiorellato - FAO
  • A. Gentile - FAO


Aureliano reports on the VME-DB workshop stating that users have very much appreciated the work we've been doing so far in the iMarine VME-DB Project. He also reports that during the workshop RFMO people have registered to the iMarine portal and used the Reports Manager in the VME-DB VRE. Users that have not registered to the portal have seen Aureliano's Live Demo about editing and creating VMEs. Aureliano also states that Mr. Tony Thompson (FAO consultant for VME database) validated the application and gave very positive feedback.

Massimiliano and Fabio reports on the status of the securing connection between Reports Manager and RSG WS activity. They show to Aureliano the Reports Manager "secure version" on development available at https://dev.d4science.org/group/devvre/report-generation. Aureliano says that the delay introduced by the secure handshaking between Reports Manager and RSG-WS is acceptable, "you actually do not notice it".

Aureliano reports on the requested enhancements in the VME Model, minor changes affecting the RSG-WS only. He also says that Rich Text Editor would be a very appreciated. Massimiliano says there's a ticket governing the activity [1] and that FAO will be informed when CNR will start working on it.

Aureliano reports that one of the main outcome of the VME-Workshop is to provide users with the possibility for a RFMO user to only edit and see his collections (e.g. NAFO users should only be able to see and edit NAFO VMEs from the Reports Manager). Massimiliano proposes his solution, explained in the ticket #2439. Aureliano finds the solution acceptable in the short-medium term. Fabio asks if the solution can be extended in the long-term. Massimiliano says yes it can. The solution proposed implies to transfer users capabilities to the RSG-WS, for this activity a ticket was created #2829.

Finally Massimiliano states that every operation in the VME-DB should be accounted. A thing that does'n happen at this very moment. Fabio says that the user entity is not present in the VME Database and an investigation should be performed by Erik and Aureliano. Massimiliano says that he will try to begin working on ticket #2439 before May ends.

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