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Friday 15 Ferbuary WP4 minutes


  • Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI
  • Anton Ellenbroek, FAO
  • Sara Garavelli, TRUST-IT
  • Panagiota Koltsida, NKUA
  • Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI
  • Marc Taconet, FAO

1.iMarine Success Story: Preparation and submission of iMarine Success Story for the March e-Concertation Meeting "iMarine - Cool tools and high level experts for fisheries management and knowledge" http://bscw.research-infrastructures.eu/bscw/bscw.cgi/d276673/iMarine_SuccessStory_e-ConcertationMeeting_March2013.docx

2. Training Activities:

CNR: Comments on the training content: we should make available different training packages (on data analysis suite, on applications, on VRE management/demonstration, on how to port your own application)

FAO: Comments on the training content: we miss content to cover the Biodiversity and the semantic topics.

CNR: Comments on ICIS Training videos:

- Demo with no voice – Comments: too long, it is better to add the voice over - Hands-on video: bad quality – re-do the video once the new Gateway features are published / To avoid to mention the production of future modules. All the videos should be stand-alone ones.

FAO comment on training videos: The demo is too high level, too general and the hands-on is too technical. The feeling is that we miss a different kind of training that can be used to train data managers, something that explains the concrete benefits for regional fisheries organisations (this is a feedback from the last FIRMS event held in FAO at the beginning of February)

ALL: Agreement on the production of 2 different kind of video for each application: a short demo video with voice over (TRUST) + an hands-on video (CNR/FAO). The video will be produced after the publication of the new Gateway interface (20 Feb 2013)

  • iMarine overall video – OK for publication

ACTION1: CNR to reorganize the page identifying the training content to be produced in the next weeks

ACTION2: TRUST to publish the iMarine overall video

3. February iMarine newsletter

TRUST proposal: Given the success of AppliFish and the increase of 20% of the newsletter registered members we should exploit AppliFish to keep high the attention on iMarine. We will try to explain AppliFish features to the big public i.e. What are distribution maps? Why are they useful? Etc. And to give a technical and policy perspective to highlight the iMarine work.

February newsletter:

  • Learn how to read AppliFish – What are the distribution Maps?

What’s the added value of distribution maps?

What’s the technological issue behind distribution maps?

  • Announcement of the next March iMarine Board & Publication of the last report

ACTION3: TRUST to create the newsletter ACTION4: FAO to send to Sara the latest report of the Board

4. iMarine event:

Updates from CNR: Contacted the EC for the event venue. The available venue is too small (20 pax). CNR will contact again the EC asking for a bigger room. The agreement is to have 1 day meeting over 2 days. ACTION5: Donatella to contact again the PO.

5. AppliFish:

  • 11 Feb 2013 Call between FAO & TRUST report:

Agreement on the strategy to collect feedback on the current version of AppliFish. FAO has prepared a validation form that has been circulated by TRUST to all the partners. The aim is to collect feedback on the current v1.0 in order to release a new 1.1 version by March 2013. Feedback will be collected until Friday 22 February 2013. All the comments will be discussed between FAO & TRUST and presented to the SB.

Stats update:

Downloads: 563 (421 on iOS and 142 on Android)

New channel members: 35 (overall 218)

10 New requests both on LinkedIN (overall 250) and Twitter (overall 130) (+20%)

Around 20 retweets and sharing

Publication of the iSGTW “AppliFish”, Knowledge on marine living resources at the touch of a button – a novel mobile app from the iMarine initiative article http://www.isgtw.org/announcement/%E2%80%9Capplifish%E2%80%9D-knowledge-marine-living-resources-touch-button-%E2%80%93-novel-mobile-app-imarine-i

ACTION6: TRUST to send the reminder for feedback collection ACTION7: FAO + TRUST: Collect the feedback and select the relevant for version 1.1 in order to present them to the SB

6. NKUA – report on the call between TRUST & NKUA held on the 11 February 2013: TRUST will make available a graphics package that will be used for the iMarine mobile application series (once agreed by the SB) ACTION8: TRUST – make available the graphics package on the BSCW

7. iMarine events:

  • Report by Marc (FAO) on the main outcomes of the FIRMS and the 24th Session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics meeting – The main issue was that it was difficult to explain ICIS benefits to the audience.
  • EU-BON Symposium: Ward Appeltans, IODE has attended the event. Sara to contact him for feedback.
  • Cloudscape V: Proposal of having a demo of iMarine there. No comments.
  • March events:

i. 6-7 March 2013 e-Concertation Meeting – Donatella will attend on behalf of iMarine

ii. 11 March 2013 IODE meeting - Ward Appeltans will attend the meeting –Sara to contact Ward

iii. 18-19 March 2013 RDA event

iv. 19-20 March 2013 Towards a Roadmap for Research Infrastruictures on Biodiversity and Ecosystem research in Europe – Lino will attend on behalf of iMarine – Lino is the rapporteur of the event. To understand if we can give some visibility to iMarine

ACTION9: TRUST – to prepare a revised version of the flier by the beginning of March + a new dissemination material i.e. card to disseminate AppliFish.

ACTION10: Lino to understand if it is possible to have some visibility at the workshop Towards a Roadmap for Research Infrastruictures on Biodiversity and Ecosystem research in Europe

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