14.02.2012 Production Ecosystem Conference Call

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Time: Tuesday February 14, 2012, 14:30 - 15:45 Europe/Rome

  • Incident Tickets
  • Discussion on new VOs deployments and VOs to dismiss
  • Infrastructure Upgrade to gCube 2-7-3
  • Infrastructure policy definition status
  • CNR site upgrade to UMD 1


Anderea Manzi(CERN)

Leonardo Candela (CNR)

Kostas Kakaletris (NKUA)

Lucio Lelii (CNR)

Pasquale Pagano (CNR)


Incident tickets

  • 300 - View properties are duplicates:

the problem that occurs during the indexing phase was due to this bug in the ViewManager . It has been solved client side (on DTS/Index) so the incident can be closed. One fix has been appied to ViewManager code but it has still to be tested. To open a defect for this.

  • 322 - View Content from Ocean Docs

the problem will be fixed in CM because is not possible to wait for the Tree Manager to be integrated and deployed in production. To assign the issue to Fabio as responsible of this part of CM.

  • 380 - Query for MetadataCollections when Results Portlet shows the result

Not a high priority issue, but it can be easily solved by CNR in 2.8.0.

Discussion on new VOs deployments and VOs to dismiss

Arts-Humanities VOVirtual Organization; should be dismissed soon, INSPIRE VOVirtual Organization; is also a bit out of context with respect to iMarine project.

Lino said that we could move to Ecosystem the Hadoop and gLite back-end access that we have now in INSPIRE and also enable OpenSearch to INSPIRE in one of the Ecosystem VREs ( or move the HepGateway VRE to Ecosystem)

gMan VRE can be dropped.

The plan is to dismiss Arts-Humanities next week and right after work to dismiss INSPIRE and move the functionalities to Ecosystem

Infrastructure Upgrade to gCube 2-7-3

The Plan is to upgrade the infrastructure to gCube 2-7-3 Thursday afternoon,both CNR and NKUA site Managers agreed. CERN will schedule an infrastructure downtime soon and as well will circulate infrastructure upgrade instruction to WP5 mailing list.

The 2.8.0 is going to be integrated starting from Friday. we are not going to wait for a testing infrastructure to be deployed in order to integrate that release, cause we need to deploy at least the new portal before the TCOM meeting in middle March.

The testing priority will be on the new Liferay portal ( newportal can be used for that).

In production the idea would be to have 2 portals ( one for iMarine to give access to FARM VOVirtual Organization; and another for D4Science to give access to Ecosytem and gCubeApps). Depending on the integration issue and the time needed for the upgrade, it could be decided to deploy only the portal before the TCOM and the infra afterwards.

Infrastructure policy definition status

The definition of the policies regulating the access to all the infrastructure resources even if not explicitly mentioned in the DOW should be performed in the context of WP5-WP6.

This works was missing from the previous project and it's needed as input for WP3 and as part of MoU with data providers.

Lino expressed the needs of a subset of policies to be edited as high priority

  • service providers policies
  • data consumers and service consumers.

The definition of the policies should be completed by the end of March and then approved by PEB, but it should be nice the have them before the iMarine meeting, as input for the iMarine community.

The idea is to proritize the missing Policy definition and to assign them not only to CNR and CERN but also to FAO, NKUA etc.and to take into account the EGI and Amazon if they can be adapted to our needs.Regarding the NSDL policies, the part on term on use can be studied, and also the part on Accessioning and Deaccessioning.

The idea is to edit the WP5 wiki, in order to uniformely provide policies wich are under both WP5 and WP6 domains. CERN and CNR to start the discussion on this.

CNR upgrade to UMD 1

The upgrade to UMD has to be performed by the end of April. NKUA already upgraded the nodes one week ago and for CNR site a ticket has to be opened to keep track of the activities. Lino suggested to shutdown the EMI-1 testbed running at CNR to give enough space for the new VMs.

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