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Meeting Friday 13 June 2014

Present: Fabio (until 10:40), GP, Nicolas, Casey, Edward.




BiOnym Interface

  • Ticket sent by Fabio.
  • Casey replied Friday morning and uploaded the corrections as version 5 (another subversion to be sent by Casey after integration of 2 matchers by default, see below).
  • Just an issue on double quotes around scientific names to be fixed.
  • Decision on matchers by default: GSAy first, TriGrams second. Let's start with that default and test.
  • Computing capacity for BiOnym: 16 synchronous requests are possible. Should be enough even if there are heavy requests (big files, several TAFs).


  • Integration of latest corrections.
  • Submission to day.
  • Few days for light review by CNR publishers and then published.
  • Discussion on most likely journals (expensive options like PLosOne discarded):

Next meeting

Friday 20th June 2014, 10 am, changed from Thursday due to Holiday (again!) in the Philippines on 19th.

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