12.11.2013 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Tuesday November 12, 2013, 15:00 - xx:xx Europe/Rome

  • Short Summary of the activities performed in September and October 2013;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano J.Michel / L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek S. Garavelli A. Manzi L. Candela P. Fabriani L. Fortunati G. Coro G. Gerbesiotis G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

On September and October 2013 Activity Report

On WP1 Activity:

Jessica is back:-) She is working part time for ERCIM. She is willing to start working and she can concentrate now on building relationship with EUDAT.

Cost report for NKUA is still missing and this is blocking the entire P2. George said that the strike at NKUA is not over but some of the personnel can start work again in order to complete the high priority tasks but most probably this is the last week of the strike and could be that next week the missing doc can be prepared.

Amendment of the Dow : CNR has prepared a new GANT and the description of the activities of WP6 and they will circulate tomorrow to the PEB to ask for contributions. The extension will be 3 months.

On WP2 Activity:

Summary of the activities to enable synergies with other initiatives. In particular Lifewatch and Emodnet. For Lifewatch a meeting was co-organized during the EUDAT conference while with Emodnet Donatella presented the iMarine tool to them. Several EU Directorate are going to meet in order to discuss about iMarine. Donatella is trying to setup a number of meetings with Lifewatch and Emodnet in particular. Lifewatch is interested in iMarine but they are blocked from the burocratic point of view. For instance we proposed them to have a technical meeting by the beginning of november but it has never been organized. Donatella reported that there is also interest from EUDAT and it could be that in the new call for EUDAT there could be room for domain specific applications. Possible activities can be also included in the new version of the DoW for the extension.

To setup synergies we can have a conf call together with CERN members of EUDAT.

On WP3 Activity:

no deviation to report, given the delay for the organization of the imarine board teh related deliverable and milestone are delayed a bit.

RDA proposal prepared by FAO will be sent by Friday.

For data providers a license document should be prepared to be signed then by FishBase. Lino will speak with Aureliano about this.

On WP4 Activity:

Trust-it activity was related mainly to the new website. A new position paper has been prepared and it will be disseminated in this weeks. Some content from Success Stories has to be prepared ( from reviewer requirements) and CNR has already provided something. GIanpaolo participated in a conference in Florence and he had a lot of connections especially with Lifewatch Greece and an institute in Germany.

Nicholas has proposed to have a course at university of Paris 6 on Ecological modeling and it should be published.

The final event should be discussed in a WP4 conf call ( end of this week)

On WP5 Activity:

Deployment of 2.17 in production is foreseen for next week.

On WP6 Activity:

nothing to discuss.

On WP7 Activity:

nothing to discuss.

On WP8 Activity:

nothing to discuss.

On WP9 Activity:

nothing to discuss.

On WP10 Activity:

nothing to discuss.

On WP11 Activity:

some of the activities from FAO to report in 11.1 will be reported in 11.2 to make it easy.

On Deliverables

Status of deliverables is available via the dedicated Wiki page.

On Milestones

Status of milestones is available at a dedicated Wiki page


The next TCom is going to be organized end of Janaury, beginning of February 2014. Lino is going to send an email to the PEB to discuss the location,

Next PEB conf call

Next PEB conf call is scheduled for Tue 17 Dec at 15:00

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