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Meeting 08 May 2014, 10:00 am

Google Hangout

Present: Fabio, Nicolas, Casey, Gianpaolo, Anton



User Interface

  • Running finally!!! The issue was a not-linked GWT class ... To be well documented for future developments in collaboration.
  • Issue in documenting the processing: there should be an animated display showing the progress of the computation.
  • When using the refresh button of the browser, both computation and configuring parameters are lost.
  • Using Google Chrome Inspector, we could spot a FAILED information that is not caught and documented.
  • Add controls in the box entry (e.g., limit the values of thresholds, etc.). Check the null entries.
  • Possibly discretisation in a dropdown menu from 0.1 to 1.0.
  • Dropdown menus in matcher selection to adapt the behaviour.
  • We don't need NONE if red crosses are there.
  • If algorithm fails, it should be reported.
  • Infor (?) to be reviewed and completed (Preparsing has disappeared).
  • Submit disabled until everything is correctly input in configuration.
  • Ticket to be written by Casey.
  • GP to organize a test plan to make the progressive basic testing.

BiOnym paper

  • Nicolas could not work on the paper this week (BioFresh finalization).
  • Section 2. Outlines done by Edward; to be completed: GP on Taverna and Galaxy, Fabio on other uses, and Nicolas on FishBase. Edward makes the conclusion.
  • In overview, it is necessary to mention CoL, and Rod Page's work.
  • GP made the changes in sections 3 and 4 as suggested last week. Discussion of comparison of parsers to e moved to below the presentation of the numerical results
  • Restrict 3.7 that is mainly to be discussed in section 5 for future work.
  • Edward added a subsection in section 4.
  • Finish section 2 and 5 for the next week call (Edward, Nicolas, Fabio, GP).
  • Nicolas to input section 5 + indication about who should complete what.
  • Section 6: start to collect outline and ideas, the main messages we want to convey.
  • Anton to contribute to section 5 and 6 (Nicolas to contact him, and GP will contact Lino as a first reviewer).
  • Final layout under LaTeX by GP.

Next meetings

Thursday 08 May 2014, 10:00 am European time.

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