08.05.2012 WP5-WP10 - Dynamic RR configuration

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Time: Tue May 8, 2012, 14:30 - 15:00 CET

Discussion on ResourceRegistry configuration for dynamic deployment


WP10 leader: Gerasimos Farantatos (NKUA)

WP5 leader: Andrea Manzi (CERN)

Summary of the discussion

NKUA in the context of WP10 has released a new version of the Resource Registry with a set of enhancements (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/297). This new version comes with changes on the configuration files, which now can be better customized in order to select the information to be harvested by each service. In addition the number of services that will integrate the Resource Registry will increase ( also WorkflowEngine and Data transfer will use it)

Given that, WP5 and WP10 needed to understand how to enable the dynamic deployment of the new Resource Registry in order to have different configuration files deployed according to the deployed Services.

CERN proposed 2 solutions:

  • having separate components containing the Default configuration for RR needed at runtime by different services. This requires to create different configuration in Etics for the different RR configuration files ( e.g. ResourceRegistry-configuration-Search). In addiction the Services which depend on RR should change their dependencies on Etics and update profiles as well.
  • to implement inside the Resource Registry a "dynamic configurator" which understand from the container the services deployed and adapt its configuration.

After discussing NKUA accepted to adopt the first solution, mainly because the logic to implement dynamic conf cannot be part of the ResourceRegistry. ( Dynamic configuration should be implemented at Enabling services level..)

Unfortunately in order to have the first solution in place for 2.9.0, apart from creating the new components for RR configuration, Search and Indexes need to be released to adapt their dependencies. Since the new RR version contains mainly refactorization and only one portlet (Search Manager) has been modified because of incompatible changes, it has been decided to postpone the release of the new RR to the next release. Therefore the Search Manager portlet version included in 2.9.0 need to be reverted to the previous one.


  • NKUA to release RR in the next minor release
  • NKUA to create the components corresponding to the different RR configuration for the next minor release
  • NKUA to revert the version of the Search Manager portlet for 2.9.0.
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