03.08.2012 WP10 - X-Search Integration

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Time: Fri, August 3, 2012, 12:10 - 12:30 CET

  • Suggestions and observations resulting from NKUA's experience using the X-Search portlet.
  • Resolution of remaining issues.


  • Alex Antoniadis (NKUA)
  • Gerasimos Farantatos (NKUA)
  • Rena Tsantouli (NKUA)
  • Giota Koltsida (NKUA)
  • Pavlos Fafalios (FORTH)
  • Yannis Marketakis (FORTH)
  • Yannis Kitsos (FORTH)

Discussion Summary

  • There seems to be a delay when showing the results in the XSearch portlet. NKUA suggested showing the results derived from the gCube search and when ready display the entities/clusters. FORTH is OK with that.
  • There is no paging of the results. FORTH answered they are already working on that.
  • The returned results are similar to web-search results (rather than gCube results). NKUA suggested showing all the presentable fields. FORTH anticipated that that the title and snippet should be enough (since they had the freedom to present them). However the presentation of all the results is trivial to be done.
  • NKUA mentioned that there are some presentation issues with the entities tree. FORTH will try to re-produce the bug (according to the NKUA scenario).
  • There seems to be an issue with the location of the portlet at the Liferay portal. FORTH mentioned that when adding the portlet there exist two separate panels (a small one and a bigger one). NKUA responded that it is a matter of configuration (of the Liferay portal) and if switching it to have a single layout (covering all the available width of the page) should be enough.
  • NKUA asked about the entity categories. FORTH answered that it is configurable from the service. NKUA mentioned that in it is required to show different categories for different VREs. FORTH answered that this is correct and they should further investigate it (i.e. by creating several instances of the service, passing the available parameters, etc.).
    • A gCube portlet providing such administrative functionality should probably be implemented.
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