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*CoL to be the default for TAF.
*CoL to be the default for TAF.
*Casey to be in closer communication with CNR to plug the interface over the Statistical Manager BiOnym computations.

Latest revision as of 06:06, 24 April 2014

Meeting Thursday 3 April 2014

Present: Casey, GP, Fabio, Edward; Nicolas joined after 15 minutes



Edward had trouble with the Google Docs technology: apparently Google Docs doesn't save remarks for him (though he uses the exact same version of Firefox as GP); he'll look for a solution using Google search, otherwise work on the Google document with Chrome


Continuation of the refinement of the interface

  • Output options

Fabio: the DarwinCore does not have the fields corresponding to the buttons still in grey. Suggests that they shoudl be removed for th emoment.

Edward: careful that the tick box stays with the label and is not on the next lline (issue will disappear implementing the point above).

Default options:

    • Taxon status (obviously not delivered if does not exist in TAFs, or is not inferable: e.g., ASFIS has only valid names)
    • Scientific name matched
  • Help

Add explanation on the full scientific name.

  • CoL to be the default for TAF.
  • Casey to be in closer communication with CNR to plug the interface over the Statistical Manager BiOnym computations.


We went through the manuscript as it stands now; all the to-dos and issues were written into the document by Nicolas, will not be repeated here.

Every section now has a lead; the lead will report the present state of his section by inserting a comment. We agreed that we should still be allowed to edit sections where others have the lead, but that if we do so, and if the edit is more than just the correction of a typo, that we will insert a comment to indicate where and what, and why, we did the edit.

We'll concentrate now on sections 1, 3 and 4 hoping to finalise soon. Edward and Nicolas to read the new sections 3 (but not 3.4 - GP is editing) and 4 to check whether earlier remarks still stand.

Nicolas will deal with the few remaining issues in 1, and further flesh out 5. Edward will edit Fabio's diagrams to illustrate the workflow. GP will concentrate on section 3.4

Next meetings

GP & Casey tomorrow on technical issues.

Edward & Nicolas on paper issues on Monday (actually happened on Wednesday only)

Next meeting for the full group: possibly Monday, depending on whether those issues were resolved. Certainly Thursday, usual time and place.

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