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This is a sort of dashboard for the WP8's work. It collects ideas, sketches, early design, plans for the past, ongoing and future activities within the workpackage. The material presented in these pages is not formal nor homogeneous and subject to change every day. It's a way to record the information exchanged within the WP8: some might be linked or copied in the official gCube and iMarine pages, much of it will remain here.

WP8 Plans in a nutshell

Areas of Work

Roughly, we can classify our work in these areas:

  1. the first area builds atop the existing enabling layer for supporting changes on the other WPs, short term requirements, improvements and maintenance
  2. the second area is the progressive introduction of the Resource Model 2nd Generation in the enabling layer
  3. the third area is working towards the goal of moving away from the current foundation technology (GT4)

Objectives (as of Oct '12) and timeline

  • SOA3: implementation of authentication facilities (should ready before the review)
  • SOA3: integration within the enabling layer (Nov'12-Jan'13)
  • new version of all services
  • Resource Management: Package upgrade (Dec'12)
  • new internal state of the Deployer and new portType (Deployer 3.0)
  • Resource Management: adoption of the new Resource Model (Jan '13 on)
  • implementation of the client libraries (common-resource-publisher 1.0, common-resource-access 1.0)
  • IC as mediator among the old and new model (IC 4.0)
  • new Publisher service 3.0 (former IS-Registry)
  • work on Resource Management
  • Deployer 4.0, Resource Manager 3.0, Resource Broker 2.0, Software Gateway 2.0
  • SOA3: implementation of Authorization facilities (Jan'13 on)
  • New foundations (Feb'13 on?)
  • check the status of the prototypes
  • resume the work on the zero-dependency approach

Backlog List of Planned Features and Releases

Common Libraries (support for New foundations)

→ common-ghn-client 1.0

  • a client container that discovers and manages an open-ended set of facilities on client nodes (we call them client services).

→ common-ghn-client-proxy 1.0

  • key client service in the client container. installs an embedded HTTP proxy that intercepts client calls in full transparency from client code. [new enabling layer]

→ common-ghn-service 1.0

  • management facilities to manage HTTP services that run in a servlet container in full transparency from the services themselves.

→ common-clients 1.0

  • base framework for client library development, gCore-independent.

→ common-gcore-clients 2.0

  • gCore-bridge for common-clients

→ common-scope 1.0 (released in gCube 2.10.0)

  • new scope and service map handling facilities

→ common-resource 2.0

  • reference implementation of the new Resource Model

→ common-resource-publisher 1.0 (work in progress)

  • new library for publishing gCube resources according to the new Resource Model
  • depends on common-resource 2.0

→ common-resource-access 1.0

  • new library for discovering gCube resources according to the new Resource Model
  • depends on common-resource 2.0

Information System: Publisher service/ IS-Registry

→ IS-Registry 2.X

  • fix ticket 542 on resource removal

→ Publisher 3.0 (ex-ISRegistry)

  • implementation of the registry compliant with the new Resource Model
  • its main client is common-resource-publisher 1.0
  • integrated with common-resource-access 1.0
  • depends on common-resource 2.0

Information System: Information Collector

→ IC 4.0

  • mediator between the old and new Resource Models: translate the old Resource into new ones, index both of them in order to accept queries with both ISClient and common-resource-access
  • its main client is common-resource-access 1.0
  • depends on common-resource 2.0
  • sketches

Resource Management: gHN Manager

→ gHN Manager 1.6

  • mavenized service

→ gHN Manager 1.7

  • integration with SOA3

→ gHN Manager 2.0

  • consumer of the new Resource Model
  • producer of gHN profiles compliant with the new Resource Model
  • integration with the common-resource-access and publisher libraries

Resource Management: Deployer

→ Deployer 2.5

  • integration with SOA3 (security)

→ Deployer 3.0

  • portType changed: the deploy operation accepts lists of related gCube packages, each list corresponds to the dependencies resolved by the SoftwareGateway against the Maven Repositories. The list marks as principal the package that was intended to be deployed (the other are its dependencies
  • the internal state of the service is reorganized to keep record of the lists, in such a way a package is always connected to its dependencies
  • sketches

→ Deployer 3.1

  • package upgrade: a single package can be upgraded with a new operation on the portType. A package is upgradable only if it was deployed as principal package of a list, but not if it was a dependency of something else

→ Deployer 3.2

  • patch self-upgrade: when a new package of type patch is available on a Maven Repository, it is automatically downloaded and installed; require a new class for patch packages
  • patch deployment performed with the Deploy operation (not with the dedicated Patch operation)

→ Deployer 4.0

  • consumer of the new Resource Model
  • producer of RI profiles compliant with the new Resource Model
  • integration with the common-resource-access and common-resource-publisher libraries

Resource Management: Resource Manager

→ Resource Manager 2.1

  • integration with SOA3 (security)

→ Resource Manager 2.2

  • integration with the new interface of Deployer 3.0
  • implementation of the package upgrade functionality

→ Resource Manager 2.3

  • autonomic package upgrade (not based on client's requests)

→ Resource Manager 3.0

  • consumer of the new Resource Model
  • integration with the common-resource-access and publisher libraries
  • integration with Deployer 4.0 and gHN Manager 2.0

Resource Management: Resource Management Library

→ Resource Management Library 1.0

  • wrapper on top of the RM2.X, Deployer, GHNManager offering an uniform API to resource management
  • classes for parsing Resource Reports returned by RM operations
  • compliant with the CL framework defined by WP11

Resource Management: Resource Broker

→ Resource Broker 2.0


→ maven-service-plugin 1.0 DONE

  • a Maven plugin to support builds of gCube components

→ maven-service-parent 1.0

  • a parent project for gCube Services with a mono-module project structure

→ ghn-core-runtime 1.0 DONE

  • coalesces into a single library a subset of the library provided in the container's distribution. provides a single dependency for compilation and testing of services and clients.

→ common-utils-encryption 1.0.X DONE

  • encryption/decryption utilities to be exploited in the common-resources

Technology evolution

Zero-dependency Strategy and Technologies

Integration Paths of the new Resource Model/Technologies within the Enabling Layer

Resource Model

Resource Model at a Glance



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