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120206 iMarine Geospatial Cluster - Telco

Participants: Anton Ellenbroek Emmanuel Blondel Hervé Caumont

Before going more largely to the iMarine partners with a Geospatial Cluster update: 1- debrief from the last TCOM (Anton, Emmanuel 10min) 2- share what was added to the iMarine Wiki accordingly to our TCOM preparation discussions (Hervé 10min, All 20min) 3- and review what content is still upcoming (All, 20 min)

1- Debrief from the last TCOM (Anton, Emmanuel 20min)

Emmanuel made a presentation during the TCOM on the GeoVisualization NKUA sent comments on the presentation, that Emmanuel will forward to the Cluster list. NKUA did not contact the Cluster earlier when working on the visu topic (NKUA opened only Tickets)

Seems that SDMX time series will be the starting point for Visualization and Processing... SDMX seen by CNR as a core format / technical choice of iMarine Action: Cluster/HC to ask CNR what will be the SDMX datasets available and considered practically (action to be connected with the general Harmonization tasks)

Biodiversity Cluster expressed interest from GEOMAR institute for R, in order to validate species distribution data and have more flexibility in the process. Action: Cluster/HC to contact Nicolas Bailly

2- Share what was added to the iMarine Wiki accordingly to our TCOM preparation discussions (Hervé 10min, Discussion 20min)

Issue of the Clusters structure / Work Package... More a board / SB matter

Action: EB to discuss with IRD and provide more detailed descriptions of data inputs considered by the Cluster.

Anton: Clusters were established to collect requirements from the communities...

Anton to discuss with Mark on the planning for the iMarine Board to organize the clusters work plans, as presented by Hervé for the Geospatial Cluster Work Plan

Emmanuel suggests to add two activities for the Cluster: - data resampling / reallocation (?) - calculation of indicators (which type ?)

3- Review what content is still upcoming (All, 20 min)

Emmanual shared a page created with IRD on Metadata management: this page will have to be updated and linked to/from the Geospatial Cluster wiki

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