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The UMD ( http://knowledge.eu-egi.eu/knowledge/index.php/UMD) software is the middleware integrated starting from the EMI software, which it's being deployed in the EGI infrastructure. The latest version released is the 1.5 ( http://repository.egi.eu/category/umd_releases/distribution/umd_1/)

The CNR glite site ( CNR-PROD-PISA) should be upgrade to the new middleware, in order to replace the services actually deployed on the site and running gLite 3.2.

The main reason of the middleware upgrade is the end of the support of almost all of the gLite 3.2 services ( for most of them it has already expired).

CNR-PROD-PISA [1] upgrade details

The sites as reported on the resource page, is running the following gLite 3.2 services:

  • WNs ( wn01.research-infrastructures.eu, wn03.research-infrastructures.eu, wn04.research-infrastructures.eu, wn05.research-infrastructures.eu, wn07.research-infrastructures.eu)
  • BDII site (lcg-ce.research-infrastructures.eu)
  • UI (ui.grid.research-infrastructures.eu)
  • CREAM-CE (cream-ce.research-infrastructures.eu):
  • DPM (dpm.research-infrastructures.eu)
  • LB ( lb.research-infrastructures.eu)
  • LFC ( lfc.research-infrastructures.eu)

Services still running gLite 3.1:

  • WMS (wms-sl4.research-infrastructures.eu) probable host name change to wms.research-infrastructures.eu)

There are no migration instructions btw gLite 3.2 and UMD 1. The new installation of the UMD services must be performed on new SL5 VMs, following the general installation instructions available at : http://repository.egi.eu/category/umd_releases/distribution/umd_1/

and the service specific installation instructions:

d4science VOVirtual Organization; Configuration

You can find specific configuration for the D4science VOVirtual Organization; at:


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