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The iSearch Virtual Research Environment is conceived to provide its users with a working environment showcasing the IR and Semantic Web facilities offered by iMarine and the D4Science Infrastructure. The Information Space is configured to access information objects coming from:

  • A selection of OAI-PMH collections
  • OpenSearch providers like Bing and IRD Ecoscope
  • FAO FishFinder Factsheets
  • Knowledge bases FLOD,DBPedia,etc


The iSearch Virtual Research Environment Homepage


The main facilities this VRE offers are:

  • ...
  • VRE Management: to enable authorised users (i.e. VRE Managers) to manage other users using or willing to access the VRE. VRE Managers are enabled to (i) authorise users in accessing the VRE, (ii) assign or withdraw roles to users, (iii) remove users, and (iv) send a communication to the current users.


The main datasets and document that are available via the services hosted by this VRE include items from the following collections:

  • Aquatic Commons -
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) -
  • Bioline International (
  • CEEMaR (Central and Eastern European Marine Repository)
  • DataCite (
  • Dryad (data
  • FAO FishFinder Factsheets
  • nature
  • OceanDocs (
  • Woods Hole Open Access Server (WHOAS)
  • A number of open access journals: BioRisk, Journal of Comparative Cytogenetics, International Journal of Myriapodology, Journal of Hymenoptera Research, MycoKeys, Nature Conservation, NeoBiota, PhytoKeys, Subterranean Biology, ZooKeys


  • (DONE) gCube 2.16.0 (July '13);
  • (DONE) gCube 2.17.0 (December '13);
  • (DONE) gCube 2.17.1 (December '13);
  • (DONE) gCube 3.0.0 (March '14);
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