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The BiOnym Virtual Research Environment is to provide its users with BiOnym facilities, i.e. a service developed in the iMarine context to compare a set of scientific names against taxonomic reference lists including recognised ones like Catalogue of Life. The goal of the comparison is to check the “correctness” of the set of scientific names with respect to the target taxa names and possibly having suggestions for their correct spelling.


The BiOnym Virtual Research Environment Homepage


The main facilities this VRE offers are:

  • BiOnym: to ...
  • Workspace: to enable every user to store and organise the information objects he/she is interested to work with. In addition to that, the user is allowed to collaborate with other users by sharing objects and messages;
  • VRE Management: to enable authorised users (i.e. VRE Managers) to manage other users using or willing to access the VRE. VRE Managers can (i) authorise users in accessing the VRE, (ii) assign or withdraw roles to users, (iii) remove users, and (iv) send a communication to the current users.


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