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The pages handles discussions about the different Metadata Standards being addressed in iMarine.


Dublin Core (DC)

Darwin Core (DwC)

Geographic information (ISO/TC211, OGC)



Handling iMarine Business Metadata through selected iMarine Metadata standards

E.Blondel (28/10/2013)

It would be important to distinguish well between the iMarine Business Metadata as an abstract metadata model that handles a minimum set of metadata elements, and the different internationally-recognized metadata standards that could implement such abstract model according to the key data domains. Hence, it would wise not to build the vision of Business metadata on a single and well-known metadata standard, but to define it in complete abstraction from existing metadata standard implementations & vocabularies. This would allow:

  • to guarantee mappings between the iMarine Business Metadata & international-recognized metadata standard implementations
  • to implement business metadata with the most appropriate standard according to key data domains, and not to bound the iMarine business metadata implementation to one single metadata standard
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