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By participating in the D4Science Ecosystem any Site must agree to the following conditions.

  • The Site should provide and maintain, in the Site Manager page, contact information including but not limited to at least one Site Manager who shall respond to enquiries in a timely fashion as defined in the Incident Management procedure page.
    • (alternative) Every Site should appoint at least one person to the role of Site Manager. Contact information of each Site Manager should be in the Site Manager page. The Site Manager is requested to react to requests on Site management in an efficient manner (see Incident Management procedure page)
  • When notified by the D4Science Ecosystem Infrastructure Managers of software patches and updates required for security and stability, they should be applied to the Site's systems, as soon as reasonably possible in the circumstances. Other patches and updates should be applied following the upgrade plan prepared by the Infrastructure Managers applying the deployment and upgrade procedure.
    • (comment) Partial overlap with the previous
  • Logged information, including information provided by Users or other Sites, should be used for administrative, operational, accounting, monitoring and security purposes only.
  • The participation in the D4Science Ecosystem as a Site shall not create any intellectual property rights in software, information and data provided to the Site or in data generated by the Site in the processing of jobs.
  • Provisioning of resources to the D4Science Ecosystem is at the Site's risk. Any software provided by the D4Science Ecosystem is provided on an as-is basis only, and subject to its own license conditions. There is no guarantee that any procedure applied by the D4Science Ecosystem is correct or sufficient for any particular purpose. The D4Science Ecosystem and other Sites are not liable for any loss or damage in connection with the Site participation in the D4Science Ecosystem.
  • The Site shall comply with the Incident Management response procedures regarding the notification of security incidents and where appropriate, shall restore access as soon as reasonably possible.
  • The Site shall comply with the D4Science Ecosystem operational procedures including the requirement to support at least the root VOVirtual Organization; .
  • The D4Science Ecosystem may control access to the Site for administrative, operational and security purposes and remove Site resource information from the Information Systems if the Site fails to comply with these conditions.
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