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Mimimum Set of Demos

This page describes the minimum requirements for demos to be done during the 2nd Review. The referred demos correspond to WP/Tasks, milestones and deliverables, reviewer comments, etc, therefore we should all be ready to demonstrate them if requested.

Why: It is related to the development activities of T10.4, the corresponding milestone, the reporting and the expectations of the reviewers. Status (Feb 2013): demonstratable, also its gCube version (for more, e.g. VRE to use, list of queries, see the xsearch web page). It also uses FLOD. Main ongoing and related activities: those related with the deployment of a new VRE, e.g. which sources or search systems will be considered by gcube search (ticket 1190:

Why: Related to the integration/harmonization activities of WP3 (which were not documented in the 1st year), the discussions in the 1st review, and the expectations of the reviewers. Status (Feb 2013): Its value for integration can be demonstrated over a triple-store that stores TLO-described instances, through a set of queries which are answerable, although not answerable by the individual sources used for populating the repository.

  • Exploitation of the Fisheries Linked Open Data for unobtrusive information systems interoperability. The case of SMARTFISH Regional Information Systems (RIS) performing document retrieval seamlessly integrating data from independent and distributed information systems of the SWIO area. An architecture of conceptual models captures the application requirements, the domain requirements, and the core of codes and codelists knowledge to give access to journalists, decision makers and fishery scientists to a compendium of data from 3 regional information systems.

Why: It is related to WP3 (T3.1: User Community Mediation), where liaison with the EA-CoP and other projects is expected, and the development activities of T10.4 that concern FLOD. Status (Feb 2013): a first prototype is already in place and presented to the users. (

  • IRD/Julien: Do you want to propose something for this review? E.g. Ecoscope fact sheet?

Other Possible Demos

  • Demo x
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