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The Support Team is responsible for the resolution of all production support tickets related to the D4Science Ecosystem iMarine resources. Its primary tasks are:

  • assign the correct priority and category to all infrastructure support tickets
  • ensure appropriate follow-up on all infrastructure tickets (accept tickets and provide resolution)
  • escalate tickets to the TCom for further analysis (if needed)
  • document the ticket resolution to create a knowledge database of previous infrastructure problems.

The Support Team is composed by people from different activities of the project.

Role Partner Member
Infrastructure Managers NKUA Konstantinos Kakaletris
CNR Pasquale Pagano, Leonardo Candela, Roberto Cirillo
D4Science Ecosystem Site Managers CNR Tommaso Piccioli
FAO Anton Ellenbroek
NKUA Konstantinos Kakaletris
VRE Managers and Other Infrastructure/Community Resources Managers AquaMaps Cristina Garilao
FCPPS Anton Ellenbroek
ICIS Anton Ellenbroek
VTI Anton Ellenbroek
VME-DB Anton Ellenbroek
Developers CNR Massimiliano Assante, Lucio Lelii,
NKUA Panagiota Koltsida, Alex Antoniadi
ENG Ciro Formisano

The list of VRE Managers and Other Infrastructure/Community Resource managers is going to be extended as soon as the Resources belonging to Community Resources Providers will be federated in the D4Science Ecosystem.

All members of the Support Team must subscribe to the support team mailing list. A core part of this team (Infrastructure Managers and the Developers involved in incident tickets) meet by conference call when requested by the Infrastructure Managers to discuss the status of the open ecosystem incident tickets.

The conference call could be enlarged with the participation of VRE Managers and Other Infrastructure Managers to discuss the status and plans of the ecosystem VREs. During this VRE-related conference call, VRE Managers should report on the state of their VRE including:

  • main VRE exploitation activities (both complete and ongoing);
  • main issues preventing VRE exploitation;
  • main expected data sources and functionality;
  • new users joining the VRE;

Operational procedures for Support Team members:

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