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The infrastructure manager is responsible for the management of the D4Science Ecosystem resources belonging to iMarine. The main tasks are:

  • plan the infrastructure deployment by collecting input from the scientific application scenarios representatives
  • define procedures for infrastructure deployment, certification, monitoring, and downtime management
  • define procedures for providing efficient support to all infrastructure users
  • define tools to support the execution of the infrastructure procedures
  • monitor and apply the incident management procedure and the work of the support team
  • monitor the status of the infrastructure nodes, deployed VOs, and deployed VREs
  • discuss with other infrastructure representatives the defined interoperability strategies
  • verify the correct execution of the EGI procedures
  • assign the VOVirtual Organization; -Admin role when creating new VOs
  • operate the policy defined by the iMarine board

The infrastructure manager role has been assigned to:

Partner Location Infrastructure Manager
NKUA Athens, Greece Konstantinos Kakaletris
CNR Pisa, Italy Pasquale Pagano, Leonardo Candela, Roberto Cirillo

Operational procedures for the infrastructure manager:

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