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Component Diagram


The Maven artifact vme-reports-store-gateway resides in vme repo on github. This artifact is the specific implementation for the VME-DB and therefore resides in another repository.

All other artifacts resided in the iMarine SVN There is a pom.xml on that level (reports-store-gateway), which is the parent pom for:

  • reports-store-gateway-client
  • reports-store-gateway-interface-dto
  • reports-store-gateway-web

The build time dependency defined in the pom.xml of reports-store-gateway-web is temporary. The reports-store-gateway-web is generic and can be configured for VME or any other target DB.

Deployment Diagram

So far all artifacts run on Java 6. Reports-store-gateway-web is deployed on Java 7. When iMarine will migrate to java 7, all reports-store-gateway artifacts will be migrated to Java 7.


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