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The objective of the iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation work-package is to effectively deploy and maintain the computing resources shared in the iMarine Data e-Infrastructure and make available the software and tool (infrastructure administration portal) for WP6 to operate the Virtual Organisations (VOs) and Virtual Research Environments (VREs) serving the user communities needs. The Data e-Infrastructure serving the needs of iMarine contributes and takes part of the D4Science Ecosystem, a data infrastructures deployed and maintained by the D4Science initiative, which is going to be extended not only with the help of iMarine, but with other EU funded projects like EUBrazilOpenBio and ENVRI.

In particular the D4science Ecosystem is the set of resources ( computational, storage, data ) which can be shared among users of a Virtual Organization. A VRE aggregates and deploys on-demand content resources and application services by exploiting computational and storage resources of grid and cloud infrastructures belonging to a VOVirtual Organization; .

Leader Pasquale Pagano (CNR) (Andrea Manzi (CERN) till April 2014)
Participants CERN (15 PM), CNR (10 PM),FAO (1 PM), FIN (1 PM), NKUA (3 PM)
Deliverables D5.1 (Nov 11), D5.2 (Jul 12), D5.3 (Jun 13) , D5.4 (Sept 14)
Milestones MS25 (Jan 12), MS27 (Jan 12), MS26 (Apr 13)

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