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  • Dates:
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  • Brief Description of Event:
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  • iMarine Representative:
  • Target Audience:
  • Communities attending the event:
  • Dissemination material:
  • Impact (post event)


Event Date Location Target Audience Objectives Main Outcomes Dissemination Material
EU Parliament 20 Oct 2011 Brussels, Belgium Presentation by CNR
eScience 2011 8 Dec 2011 Stockholm, Sweden Presentation by NKUA
Discovery Reinvented: The Promise of European Open Science, Belgian Royal Society 14 Dec 2011 Brussels, Belgium Presentation by CNR
CWP Meeting Dec 2011 Rome, Italy Presentation by NKUA
IRCDL 9 Feb 2012 Bari, Italy Presentation by CNR
ScienceSoft 15 Feb 2012 Geneva, Switzerland Presentation by CNR
CloudscapeIV 24 Feb 2012 Brussels, Belgium Presentation by CNR
EGI Community Forum 26-30 March 2012 Munich, Germany Presentation by CERN
3rd Marine Board Forum 18 April 2012 Brussels, Belgium Presentation by CNR
6th Spanish e-Science Network meeting 16 May 2012 Madrid, Spain Presentation by CERN
iMarine, EarthServer, ESPAS meeting in Athens: opportunities in array data management for Earth Observation 29 June 2012 Athens, Greece Presentation by NKUA


Event Date Location Target Audience Objectives Main Outcomes Dissemination Material & iMarine Representatives
EGI Technical Forum 17-21 September 2012 Prague, Czech Republic Software developers, programming developers, scientific user communities Presentation of iMarine e-Infrastructure by CERN Promotion of the iMarine offering
Geo-Seas International Workshop 9-10 Oct 2012 Cork, Ireland Data managers Poster Session to showcase iMarine services for the discovery, assessment and access to a range of marine geosciences datasets Technological networking to optimize iMarine solutions and increase know-how Poster
Marine Knowledge All Projects meeting 11-12 Oct 2012 Brussels, Belgium marine-related initiatives EMODNET, CSA Ocean, EuroMarine, ASSEMBLE, EMBRC Present the activities carried out by each project and their outcomes to share common future guidelines and drive forward joint efforts First contact estabilshed with EMODNET community. The collaboration is currently at the level of aligning standards/data sharing
Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG 2012 Annual Conference 26 Oct 2012 Beijing, China Policy makers iMarine results presentation by Yde De Yong (iMarine Board member) iMarine promotion to the Board network
Tuna Tagging Symposium 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2012 Baie International Conference Centre, Royal Road Grand Baie,MAURITIUS iMarine promotion by Julien Barde (iMarine Board member) iMarine promotion to the Board network
Mediterranean Regional Database Meeting 28-29 Nov 2012 Rome, Italy Policy Makers Presentation of the iMarine offering by FAO to understand if iMarine can meet requirements of the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas iMarine offering promotion
Informal Meeting at ESA Rome,Italy ESA staff iMarine presentation by FAO to consider possible collaboration with ESA projects such as the Medina project iMarine offering promotion
Joint Research Unit LifeWatch-ITA 14 -15 Jan 2013 Rome,Italy members of the JRU, representatives of the Ministries and the regions Presentation by CNR-ISTI of the iMarine offering to understand potential collaborations Training material produced by iMarine will be incorporated in the LifeWatch training modules disseminated by the Service Center; �iMarine representatives will follow the requirements of the LifeWatch “Alien Species Showcase” to evaluate the feasibility of hosting on the iMarine infrastructure also a VRE dedicated to scientists studying alien species in the marine environment.�Join meeting at the EUDAT conference (Oct 2013)
EU BON Symposium 1-12 Feb 2013 Berlin, Germany Networking session
FIRMS Steering Committee Meeting - 8th Session 4-8 Feb 2013 Rome, Italy Data managers, Fishery communities Showcase how data harmonization with semantic technologies can support the generation of dynamic fact sheets (FAO presentation) Understanding of VRE possibilities. Collaborate on VRE development Marc Taconet, FAO - Anton Ellenbroek, FAO
24th Session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics 5-9 Feb 2013 Rome, Italy Data managers, Fishery communities Showcase of the Integrated Capture Information System VRE (FAO presentation) Understanding of VRE possibilities. Collaborate on VRE development ICIS demo and the first training module on tabular data harmonization
The 2nd CLIOTOP Symposium 11-15 February 2013 Noumea, New Caledonia iMarine promotion by Julien Barde (iMarine Board member) iMarine promotion to the Board network
Cloudscape V 27-28 Feb 2013 Brussels, Belgium Research Community, Policy makers, large enterprises Dissemination of the iMarine Calendar Impact (post event) iMarine promotion Dissemination of the iMarine Calendar
10th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting 6-7 March 2013 Brussels, Belgium e-Infrastructure providers, EC projects iMarine Success Story presentation and iMarine promotion Second prize of the Success Story competition + iMarine promotion iMarine Success Story - iMarine flier
XXII Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange 11- 15 March 2013 Baja California, México Policy makers, Strategic thinkers iMarine flier disseminated at the event iMarine promotion to the Board network iMarine flier
Workshop "Towards a Roadmap for Research Infrastructures on Biodiversity and Ecosystem research in Europe" 19-20 March 2013 Brussels, Belgium ESFRI projects, research infrastructures , Integrated Projects and Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) relevant to Biodiversity and Ecosystem research. Present iMarine biodiversity components & develop synergies with ESFRI and research infrastructures

iMarine presentation by CNR-ISTI

Understanding of iMarine positioning
International Conference on Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, ICANNGA’13 4-6 April 2013 Lausanne, Switzerland Researchers Poster on Automatic Procedures to Assist in Manual Review of Marine Species Distribution Maps presentation by CNR-ISTI Technological networking to optimize iMarine solutions and increase know-how Poster
EGI Community Forum 2013 8-12 April 2013 Manchester, UK Software developers, programming developers, scientific user communities Species distribution modeling based on the D4Science Infrastructure presentation by CERN Promotion of the iMarine offering
GEOHAB2013 6-10 May 2013 Rome, Italy geologists, biologists, statisticians, spatial analysts and environmental managers iMarine services presentation by CNR-ISTI iMarine promotion
iMarine e-Infrastructure for data driven decision making and research workshop 14 - 15 May 2013 Brussels, Belgium Workshop participants

European Commission;EU agencies; National government agencies & public institutions; EU & global affiliations; EC programmes & global initiatives represented

Bringing together representatives from DG CONNECT, DG Environment, DG MARE, DG Maritime Affairs and DG RTD with experts and stakeholders from the marine environment to share respective priorities and build consensus on potential roles iMarine could play in the short to medium term. co-ordination within the Commission & identification of relevant services; consensus on the need to capitalise on what already exists while taking on board specific requirements at the policy level; identification of XX diverse opportunities for new collaborations to support the policy-making process and extend the user base for marine science; active engagement of 9 out 18 participants in future iMarine discussions Workshop organisation & logistics; Participants identification & invitation; Background documentation preparation; Record of the workshop (complete transcription of all presentations & discussions); Workshop Report distribution to the workshop participants; Publication of the 2-page executive summary
The EuroMarine Web Environment 21-23 May 2013 Bremen, Germany Representatives of past and present EU initiatives, web service providers, such as �Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier �and Wikipedia Presentation by CNR-ISTI to highlight the iMarine Web Environment key components and layers: Digital Infrastructures & Data sources , Virtual Research Environments and the newly added innovative social networking layer iMarine promotion & understanding of iMarine positioning on the market
First workshop Semantics for Biodiversity, S4BIODIV 6 June 2013 Montpellier, France iMarine promotion by Julien Barde (iMarine Board member) iMarine promotion to the Board network
Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services 19 June 2013 Rome, Italy Working Group on Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems members, DG Environment, UNEP-WCMC, Medpan Presentation by FAO of iMarine services to raise awareness of experts and stakeholders on the importance of the mapping and assessment of ecosystem services in the marine environment With its marine fisheries, biodiversity, and environment scientific components, the iMarine platform including data products and services appears particularly well positioned to adequately serve the needs of MAES. The meeting also provided the opportunity for networking discussions. Engagement of 2 external advisors
iMarine Blue Hackathon event 28 June 2013 - 2 July 2013 Crete, Greece Developers, designers, environmental scientists and scientists of other disciplines


Discuss technology solutions to solve environmental problems related to water and the atmosphere Expressions of interest on the development of iMarine mobile applications based on the e-Infrastructure


Event Date Location Target Audience Objectives Main Outcomes Dissemination Material
Biodiversity Informatics in Europe 3-6 September 2013 Rome, Italy 2 presentations

Donatella Castelli, Virtual Research Environments as a Data Infrastructure facility Johannes Keizer, Marc Taconet, Integrating agricultural science with biodiversity science 1 demo session D10 iMarine facilities for empowering biodiversity science, Coro, G., Ellenbroek, A. & Pagano, P. The demo has covered: Exploiting the iMarine Biodiversity Research Environment to demonstrate the facilities the infrastructure offers to collect occurrence points and then analyze/project those points and access species taxon names from several data sources / Exploiting the iMarine Scalable Data Mining environment for demonstrating the facilities that the infrastructure offers to perform analysis, mining and modeling of biogeographic data / Exploiting the Ecological Modelling Research Environment to demonstrate the facilities that the infrastructure offers to discover, access, compare, and export geo - referenced products. 1 poster session

iMarine flier, poster
EMODNET meeting 13 September 2013 Brussels, Belgium Offer/value that iMarine can bring to EMODnet & viceversa; 2. Plan for collaboration. D. Castelli has been invited to give a talk at the next EMODNET expert group meeting.- The meeting was mainly useful for networking.
RDA 2nd Plenary Meeting 16-18 September, 2013 Washington DC, US 2nd working meeting of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Participation to the RDA second Plenary Meeting, 16-18 September, 2013, Washington DC. Poster presentation by Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI involvement in RDA working / interest groups 1 Poster - 3ft wide x 4ft height and trifold brochures
International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems - IMDIS 23-25 September, 2013 Lucca, Italy D. Castelli, P. Pagano,L. Candela and G. Coro. The iMarine Data Bonanza: Improving Data Discovery and Management through an Hybrid Data Infrastructure presentation + W. Appeltans, P. Pissierssens,G. Coro, A. Italiano, P. Pagano, A. Ellenbroek and T. Webb. Trendylyzer: a Long-Term Trend Analysis on Biogeographic Data presentation

Poster session: G. Coro, A. Gioia, P. Pagano and L. Candela. A Service for Statistical Analysis of Marine Data in a Distributed e-Infrastructure

Scientific Poster
Seventeenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice 14-18 October, 2013 Montreal, Canada The agenda will include identifying scientific and technical needs related to the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and collaboration with the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).
EMODNET expert meeting 22 October, 2013  ??? Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI, will present iMarine to EMODNET experts
iMarine: Data Sharing and Enrichment Workshop @ EUDAT 2nd Conference 28 October, 2013 (14:00 - 18:00) Rome, Italy
TDWG 2013 Annual Conference 28 October, 2013 Florence, Italy
ICT2013 e-Infrastructure for Open Research Data in Agriculture, Fisheries & Biodiversity (iMarine & agINFRA) - 90' NETWORKING BOOTH ON THURS 7TH NOV @ 14:00 6-8 November, 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania
7th Metadata and Semantic Research Conference MTSR-2013; Special track on Metadata &

Semantics for Open Repositories, Research Information Systems and Data Infrastructures

19-22 November, 2013 Thessaloniki, Greece Presenting the paper: Integrating Heterogeneous and Distributed Information about Marine Species through a Top Level Ontology

Yannis Tzitzikas, Carlo Allocca, Chryssoula Bekiari, Yannis Marketakis, Pavlos Fafalios, Martin Doerr, Nikos Minadakis, Theodore Patkos and Leonardo Candela.

The presentation of MarineTLO (and iMarine in general) went very well, both in MUMIA mgmt meeting

(where I was stressing the value of the MarineTLO-based repository in the seach process), and in MTSR (where I stressed the value of the ontology per se), and I have explicitly asked them to send us feedback.

The Fifteenth International Conference on Grey Literature 2-3 December, 2013 Bratislava, Slovak Republic Presenting the poster: A Social Networking Research Environment for Scientific Data Sharing: The D4Science Offering
Courses on the iMarine e-infrastructure for students in France 5-6 / 12-13 December, 2013 Paris, France The first course takes place on 5-6 December 2013 at the UPMC - Sorbonne Université in Paris. The 4 lessons, each lasting three hours, focus on “Using the iMarine infrastructure: In Theory and In Practice”. The second course takes place the following week, 12-13 December 2013 at the Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche sur mer, Villefranche sur mer: “Using the iMarine infrastructure: In Theory and In Practice” with 2 lessons, each lasting 6 hours. Both courses are part of the Master in Océanographie Environnements Marins (OEM). Overall 66 students will be trained by Gianpaolo Coro, CNR-ISTI on e-Infrastructures for biodiversity data, niche modelling, taxa matching, management of biodiversity data heterogeneity, habitat analysis.
2nd LifeWatch e-Infrastructure Construction Operational Meeting ICT CORE and distributed construction operations 3-4 February, 2014 Granada, Spain
Healthy Oceans - Productive Ecosystems: A European conference for the marine environments 3-4 March 2014 Brussels, Belgium Over five years ago, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) was adopted with the aim of protecting and managing our seas and oceans in a sustainable way. The Directive sets an ambitious objective: to achieve and maintain the good environmental status of European seas and oceans by 2020. The Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) Conference, on 3-4 March 2014 in Brussels, will bring together all those working with or in relation to the European marine environment and will provide them with the opportunity to discuss progress made over the past 5 years, the problems that still remain and the solutions for improved coherence and better marine governance.
iMarine data platform for collaborations workshop. 7 March 2014 Rome, Italy A key goal of the iMarine initiative is to support stakeholders in a sustainable use of the marine ecosystem. On 7th March 2014, iMarine is organizing an interactive workshop "iMarine data platform for collaborations" to showcase how its powerful data infrastructure is capable of addressing the challenges of the Ecosystem Approach. The workshop also offers important opportunities to work together on developing plans related to iMarine sustainability, such as the public partnership model concept, as well as engage new potential users and partners for the future. The workshop is co-located with the Fishery Dependent Information conference and will take place at Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy. Participation is free of charge but subject to registration.
3rd RDA Plenary Meeting 26-28 March 2014 Dublin, Ireland The 3rd Plenary concentrates on the theme ‘The Data Sharing Community: Playing YOUR part’ and is about exploiting RDA’s work to date to its full potential. The program will comprise of a mixture of keynotes, panels, networking, Working and Interest Groups as well as BoF sessions in topics ranging from agriculture to particle physics, from humanities to bioinformatics. All parts of the data lifecycle are addressed from foundational data terminology to data publication and re-use.
ICRI 2014 - Research Infrastructures for Global Challenges 2-4 April 2014 Megaron Athens International Conference Centre - Athens, Greece ICRI 2014 offers a high-level international forum where key stakeholders can meet, discuss and contribute to bringing forward global issues related to Research Infrastructures. Co-organised by the European Commission and the Greek EU Presidency of the European Union, it will take forward the recommendations of ICRI 2012, which took place in Denmark and the 3rd EU-Australia Research Infrastructure workshop that took place in Canberra in November 2013. The conference is expected to attract 600 international participants during three days and will include an exhibition of demonstrations and videos of international research infrastructure projects. More detailed information about the event can be found at received by Donatella Castelli to give a presentation at Parallel Thematic Session on 3 April 2014. The session is titled "Food Security” and will address the challenges and best practices of increasing food production and food security globally.
EGI Community Forum 2014 19-23 May 2014 Helsinki University Main Building in Helsinki, Finland *2 December 2013 Call for participation opens; online submission of abstracts opens *31 December - Deadline to submit workshop proposals * 13 January 2014 Early-bird registration opens * 14 February 2014 Deadline to submit abstracts for presentations and training sessions *28 February 2014 Deadline to submit abstracts for posters and demonstrations *31 March End of early bird registration *11 April Deadline to register a booth for the exhibition
ICES (International Council for Exploration of the Sea), PICES (The North Pacific Marine Science Organization) and ECOKNOWS project (Effective use of ecosystem and biological knowledge in fisheries, 7th framework project) will arrange symposium on Ecological Basis of Risk Analysis for Marine Ecosystems. 2-4 June 2014 Porvoo, Finland The themes of the symposium include: Fisheries management under uncertainty, Decision modelling in fisheries management; Probabilistic fish stock assessment; Oil spill and eutrophication risk analysis; Environmental risk assessment for marine areas; Risk analysis in aquaculture. Rainer Froese will be at that Symposium and will give a presentation, including the FishBayes work and the collaboration with iMarine.
Committee on Fisheries Thirty-first session event 9-13 June 2014 Rome, Italy The Committee presently constitutes the only global inter-governmental forum where major international fisheries and aquaculture problems and issues are examined and recommendations addressed to governments, regional fishery bodies, NGOs, fishworkers, FAO and international community, periodically on a world-wide basis. COFI has also been used as a forum in which global agreements and non-binding instruments were negotiated.
iMarine final event 17 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium, sala BU25 S1 + foyer.
Third Global Large Marine Ecosystems Conference 8-10 October, 2014 Swakopmund, Namibia Patricio Bernal will attend the event

SciDataCon 2014 2-5 November 2014 New Delhi The conference is addressing Data Sharing and Integration for Global Sustainability, to help solve data issues at the policy and infrastructure levels. It is co-organised by CODATA and the ICSU World Data System.

Themes of interest for proposals submission:

 1. Data sharing, integration, and interoperability to address research challenges in global sustainability
 2. Big Data science and technology
 3. Development and sustainability of data services
 4. Scientific data for decision making and policy
 5. International collaboration on research data Deadline for proposals is 25th May 2014.

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